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Recent Cookie Creations


In the past month or so I’ve done a little baking for a few events. The first was a hired gig which I normally don’t do but it was for a friend whom I am forever indebted to for her last minute help on my wedding day, almost 6 years ago, decorating my tent using wild flowers from my MIL’s field after I failed to consider that very important issue.

She needed some Peter Rabbit themed cookies for a baby shower so I whipped up these as favors for the party:

2014-07-15 08.56.25

The next day, since my kids were bummed I wouldn’t let them help on the Peter Rabbit cookies, we baked up more cookies and I brought these over to another dear friend:

2014-07-16 07.58.30

I’m not sure which I like more, the fun ice cream cones, dragon flies or the cute dogs.

More recently I made cookies for my 10 year high school reunion. Since I had so many other things to do for the party the cookies were done as quickly as possible so I didn’t do anything too fancy. It’s a good thing simply swirling two colors together looks so neat.

2014-08-02 18.53.49 2014-08-02 18.53.54

Two days after the reunion my sister, who was in town from Colorado, held an Arbonne party at our mom’s house so I made some cookies of their emblem using a specialty cookie cutter I was gifted. Again, since I was mid-planning for the reunion the cookies got a quick icing job and a little sprinkle action.

Here’s the logo and the cookies


arbonne logo 2   2014-08-02 09.17.42

I think I’m done with sugar cookies for a bit but don’t quote me on that. I always find an excuse to make more cookies!


Camera Hijacking


I just imported 66 photos to my computer from my camera and noticed that I only took about 7 of them. These kids!

Mine come first and then the kids’. Can you guess which ones they took?


46 degree day + Perfect packing snow = 1st snowman of Winter. It started melting immediately and my daughter bawled.


Crankasorous wanted to go out but hated being in the slushy snow. Turns out she had a double ear infection I was unaware of at the time.


My husband’s best sugar art. He was pretty proud of himself.


Cookies for my Grandfather’s farewell lunch. It’s back to Germany with his butt until next time.


Cookies for the Arbonne party I hosted.


If Amy can sell to them she can sell to anybody! I think in reality she’s trying to keep their little paws off her products!


Why, hello beautiful…


“Is this thing working?” Boy does he crack me up!


Their Great Grammy is always willing to go along with their antics! Nice picture, minions!


But Mommy says, “Give me my camera you goons or I’ll eat your toes…and your chocolate sprinkle doughnut!”


Hmm, was I channeling this dino in my last picture? Tell me I’m prettier…


I wouldn’t want to run into this guy on a street corner.


But this guy…I think we could be friends.

And then of course there are a ton of out-of-focus photos that just need to be deleted. Thank you children, for a glimpse into  your world. Now keep your sticky fingers off my lense!

What kind of little surprises do your children leave for you?



Recent Sugar Art


I loved the Christmas cookies this year. 3 dozen were ordered and I sent 2 dozen to work with my brother where they blew the financial-centered minds of his colleagues.  I enjoyed my mid-day call from my brother and his coworkers asking sugar-related questions.


A few weeks later I whipped up the Spiderman cookies for my son’s 4th birthday party.


The most recent set of cookies were much less extravagant than the others but that’s mainly because I ran out of piping bags and had to resort to using bottles instead so the detail work was lacking. My sister and I surprised my mom on her birthday at work with a bunch for the nursing floor, some were sent to a friend in Washington who just had her 3rd baby boy and the rest were divvied up between other family and friends.


My mom was over last night and she asked if I had any cookies on hand because she said that they’re the only thing that makes her happy aside from her grandbabies. Goodness! What a compliment.  Guess I’d better keep baking. We like a happy grandma!!!

Happy Friday!



Trickster or Treat Fiend?


For my husband, Halloween is all about the once-a-year opportunity to scare little kids without major repercussions. Sure he’ll still elicit a scowl from a few mothers (most dad’s find it hilarious) as they comfort their dear children but mostly being scared on Halloween is excepted and those that wish to play tricks are allowed to do so.

For myself, Halloween is about the treats. That’s really a no-brainer. I love to go rifling through my kids’ loot once they’ve gone to bed Halloween night and I especially love to sneak around the corner the day after Halloween, stuff my face full of Twix bars and then as I’m using my tongue to remove the caramel stuck on my molars, forbid my children from consuming anything but vegetables. It’s awesome being a mom around Halloween time!

But really I love being the source of delicious treats. I spent the last three days working on 13 dozen sugar cookies for various occasions over the next three days. In case you were wondering what 13 dozen cookies looks like…


I designated 5 dozen for tomorrow, 5 dozen for my MIL’s fundraiser on Friday and 3 dozen for my mom’s church fundraiser this weekend.

I’m really happy with the way they turned out although the leaves don’t really excite me but at 11 pm after 12 hours in the kitchen…well…something had to give. It’s just a good thing they taste great (I know because I may have sampled a few too many broken broom sticks!)

DSC04182 DSC04178

Somehow I missed the jack-o-lantern in the photo shoot.


The owl is my favorite and was by far the trickiest to make (possibly due to the late hour at which I was tackling him.)


I’m also partial to the spider web.


I must confess that I can not take any credit for the artistic nature of my cookies. Nothing here is original. It’s very rare that I have a great design idea and whip it up. Rather, I Google what I’m looking for and scroll the images until I find something that’s been posted that I wish to replicate. I know my limitations and work with resources made available by the artistically inclined people of the interwebs. Thank you Pinterest and Google Images!

Anyways, I look forward to doning all our rain gear tomorrow and taking my little witch/zombie princess (she hasn’t decided yet), Spiderman and Cinderella traipsing through our neighborhood getting spooked on occasion and raking in loads of that sugary goodness.

Whether you are a trickster on Halloween or a fiend for treats I hope you have a spooktacular day!


Play Ball!


About two weeks ago I made some sports inspired cookies. They were super easy to make as far as decorating sugar cookies is concerned because I was just dealing with circles for the most part. I made tennis ball cookies for my last tennis class of the session and I made the baseballs for my nephew who I thought could use a little extra sweetness in his life.



Then the following week I whipped up some Summer inspired cookies for the teachers using the left over cutouts that I froze before baking from the week before. That’s planning, people! And boy does it save me time. Anyways, the suns turned out kind of cute for a late-night decorating session and the kids etched some cute cards for their teachers. We threw in a Starbucks gift card and were good to go for the last day of school.

DSC02661 DSC02662


Other sweets I’ve whipped up in the past two weeks include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes and pink lemonade cupcakes, neither of which I got a picture of before they were all devoured. The Reese’s were phenomenal and I liked the lemon buttercream frosting of the pink lemonade cupcake but will take a stab at a different pink lemonade cake recipe this weekend. When I find one I love I’ll share and I’ll scrounge up that Reese’s recipe too. Trust me, you’ll want that one!


The Sugar Addict


The Beginnings of a Crazy Cookie Lady


I feel like I’ve become a crazy cookie lady. This doesn’t mean I’m churning out cookies all the time because, let’s be real, I’m a busy house wife and stuff but I’m constantly thinking, “I’d really like to make _(name)_ some cookies for _(occasion)_.” If I had a surplus of time I don’t think my kitchen would ever be without butter and powdered sugar smearing my counters. Maybe when I’m older I’ll be that crazy old cookie lady who the neighbor kids visit in hopes of snagging a quick treat. But that’s a long time off.

As for now, today my SIL turns 19 so I sent her some cookies. Happy Birthday, Pierce! I’m sure she’ll read this post before receiving the package so I suppose I’m just teasing her now. They’re on their way!



The rest of the cookies in the batch look like this:

DSC01352 DSC01351

I love decorating and learning what ideas pan out and what ideas really don’t. The great thing about cookies is that even if my designs don’t turn out great they’re still tasty.

Lastly, here are some I made for my sister’s welcome bags for her destination wedding: