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Tooth Fairy Business


DSC07284My daughter has been itching to loose a baby tooth for quite some time. Most of her friends have lost at least one and she was feeling left out. Well, as of this evening she is now officially part of the gap-toothed smile club and she is thrilled, less so because she’s now part of the club and more so because she can eat normally again and nobody is trying to persuade her to yank it out. She has decided that the idea of having a loose tooth is more exciting than the actual experience.

For a solid 16 days this tooth extraction has been front and center on her mind. On the fourth of July I was laying in bed with her resting up before the festivities began and she casually mentioned she had a bump on the back of a tooth. I asked her to show me and was surprised/horrified to find an adult tooth already well above the gum line behind her baby teeth. Turns out she had been meaning to mention it to me for a while but kept forgetting. Frankly I don’t know how I missed it myself during the handful of times I helped brush her teeth.

I was worried since her baby teeth weren’t even loose yet so I scheduled a dentist appointment for the following week at which point the baby tooth was of course starting to wiggle. The dentist said all looked well and so my girl ramped up her attempts to get it out. She complained about how uncomfortable/annoying/odd it was while I complained about how we should start saving now for all the orthodontic work our children’s teeth are going to require. I myself went through two sets of braces with rubber bands, an expander, head gear and retainers to achieve my lovely grin (Thanks Mom!)

Anyways, throughout the last two weeks my girl continued to tell everyone she ran into that she had a loose tooth and would wiggle it for them all to see. She especially delighted in torturing her Grandma Maggie, who isn’t a big fan of loose teeth, by wiggling it extra enthusiastically in front of her every chance she got and there were many! Punk.

Thankfully the tooth came out tonight while she was brushing her teeth. The pure joy on her face was priceless and her siblings were super excited for her as well. We immediately found a little pouch to put the tooth in and placed it under her pillow. After reading a story I tucked my excited little 6 year old into bed and spent the next 10 minutes with her discussing Tooth Fairy specifics.

We speculated on how many Tooth Fairies there might be (she thinks maybe one per country since that would be a lot of teeth for one little fairy to collect each night), what the fairy does with the teeth (I suggested she uses them to build her castle) and where she lives (she suggested the fairy might be a drifter of sorts with homes/castles in every town). We talked about how cool and weird it is to have a hole in your gums and how when you stick your tongue in the hole it tastes a little metal-like. She would have continued talking but I had to cut her off and end her snuggle time because her brother was yelling from the bathroom that he need some  toilet paper to wipe his butt and her little sister was in the bathroom bothering him. Like older siblings d0 she rolled her eyes, giggled, said goodnight and promptly fell asleep.

These sure are some fun times being a mom and I can’t wait for the morning!






Choo Choos, Cool Whip and Cookies, OH MY!


Whenever my kindergartener is off of school for a day we try to pack in as many fun things as possible to take advantage of the time we have together. Yesterday was no exception and I am still exhausted this morning from facilitating one activity after another but that’s A-Okay with me. It was a great day.

The kids had been jonesing to ride the Metra train again and asked to take a ride to The Choo Choo. It’s a little burger joint right off the tracks that delivers your meal via train if you’re lucky enough to get a spot at the counter. Unfortunately we didn’t get such a seat this time but we enjoyed our visit none-the-less.

DSC06751         DSC06753

The train was packed on the way  home but a nice fella gave up his seat so the four of us could pile in. I was very grateful not to have to stand with my minions. After our 2 1/2 hour, train themed adventure I whisked them off to the gym to find my sanity before heading home for soccer practice. After practice we dyed Easter eggs using the Cool Whip method just like last year.

DSC06763  DSC06765  DSC06767  DSC06769 DSC06780

Our eggs from last year turned out a lot better but that might be because I forgot to soak the eggs in vinegar. Oops! Oh well, we got a few good ones anyways and the dying only took 10 minutes, if that. I’m counting it as a win.

After shoveling some lasagna down their gullets I set the kids up to decorate sugar cookies. I just couldn’t motivate myself to decorate them with royal icing so instead I slathered on some frosting that only took a few minutes to whip up and let them get after it. They are mighty tasty with the buttery, powdered sugar frosting and piles of sprinkles and now we have some treats for any weekend visitors, like the Easter Bunny!

DSC06770      DSC06771 DSC06784


Today we’re off to have more fun. We have some birthday parties to attend both before and after the soccer games and I assume there will be the usual, random Saturday shenanigans that always round out our weekends. I wonder if I can sneak in a nap…

Wishing you all a wonderful, shenanigan-filled Spring weekend!




Pronunciation Fail


It’s late afternoon here and I’m doing some homework with my kindergartener.

Outside it’s snowing (ugh!)


While inside my son is running around like a banshee proclaiming himself to be an “irhino” (pronounced eye-rhino).


Any clue what that is? I bet not so I’ll just tell you because it is not a rhinoceros.

He’s being a hyena, of course!

Irhino…hyena…totally logical mispronunciation, right?

After repeatedly watching The Lion King last year his 3-year-old little brain couldn’t seem to wrap around the correct pronunciation of the word no matter how many times I corrected him and now that he is 4 I have decided to stop correcting him and just laugh.

Enjoy the rest off your day! It’s time for me and my irhino to make some dinner.

Wednesday Night Trivia


2014-04-02 20.32.00

Take a look at these little cups. Here’s your question:

What are these little babies best used for in the Bailey household?




If you guessed “taking shots” you’re thinking too much like an adult but I do like where your head is at. Keep guessing…




If you guessed “having a tea party” you need to start thinking more outside the box. Try again…




If you guessed “drinking water out of the toilet while Mommy cleans up the kitchen” you must also have a toddler terrorizing your home because you’re dead nuts on it.

Thanks for playing!


Colleen Don’t-Know-When-I-Last-Cleaned-That-Toilet Bailey



Our Snow Day of Sickness


Instead of having a fun, friend-filled day off of school our house was in a self-imposed state of quarantine.

This was my baby yesterday…

2014-01-27 08.50.34 2014-01-27 10.25.24 2014-01-27 12.46.15

She had a terrible time Sunday night combating a high fever, severe cough and runny nose. Thanks to the cough she woke up every 20-30 minutes and since she was sleeping in my bed her daddy and I were up every 20-30 minutes as well.

Then her brother puked in his bed and suddenly there four of us shuffling around for blanket use and pillow space.

Correction— There were actually only two of us shuffling around for blanket use and pillow space because, let’s be real, our sickly wee ones don’t really give a rats behind who they’re inconveniencing with their perpendicularly placed bodies and sprawling appendages as long as they are comfortable and able to sleep. And if we’re being “real” here, then you should know that I actually don’t mind playing blanket tug-o-war with my husband as long as my sweet babies sleep.

But then my son puked for a second time…in my bed.

Needless to say yesterday was a bit hairy. My son actually has been totally fine since he puked but his sleep-deprived, body-aching little sister needed to be in my arms all day, thus the photos of her misery. What else was I suppose to do throughout the day while getting my upper body workout?

Magically this little lady rallied in the evening and has been doing much better. She slept in my bed again but only woke up a few times. This is the happy, healthy (well healthier) toddler I’m use to seeing at the start of my day…

2014-01-28 07.58.00


Oh, I failed to mention that yesterday my washing machine decided to give me the middle finger and so you know those puke-covered sheets and clothes from Sunday night… well, they’re not clean yet even though they were washed twice. And then my older kids stripped down my toddler before her shower and she pooped on my carpet. Monday in the Bailey house was just lovely.

Today is proving to be amazingly better although my dog did confiscate a package that was delivered for our upcoming vacation and used it as an outdoor chew toy.  Luckily nothing was ruined by his shenanigans!

2014-01-28 12.22.31

Also, I freely admit I did a crap-tacular job training my dog and my punishment is never ending.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

~ Colleen




Lunch Date


Today was a special day that my oldest and I hadDSC05687  been looking forward to for the past few days. It was eat-lunch-with-your-student day, and thanks to my SIL who managed to pick up my son from school with our youngest children in tow, I was able to eat lunch with my favorite kindergartener. It took her two solid days to decide on what her special lunch should be and in the end she picked a turkey, salami and cheese sandwich from Subway, except I got it from Jimmy John’s because I pass one on the way to her school. After getting a huge smile and hug from my girl I handed her the bag of food and she said, “I thought I said Subway?”

“You did, sweet child, but Jimmy John’s is what you get,” I replied with a chuckle and she shrugged her shoulders and started stuffing her face. It cracks me up what kids concentrate on and anyways, Jimmy John’s is way better than Subway, just for the record. She even got Sprite and chips to which she said to our tablemates, “It’s because it’s a really special day.”

I sat there watching the crumbs pile up on her sweet face and shirt for the short 15 minutes we had together and there was no where else in the world I would have rather been. I remember when my mom came to lunch in elementary school and how special I felt having her sandwiched between me and my twin. These are the moments our kids remember forever. I hope I do as well.

I hope you’re eating lunch soon with a special someone too! It’s the best!!!


“I’m A Big Kid” Day at the Baileys


You know you have a toddler when…

It was 5:30am. My son peed his bed for the first time in a few weeks and so we were up. The littlest lady of the household made her presence known a solid hour earlier than usual at 6am and then we were really up. It was time to start the day and so I dragged my butt out of bed and proceeded with the usual routine of carelessly throwing my hair into a braid, donning some workout clothes and trying to dress my wild and naked goons as they scampered up and down the hallway hootin’ and hollerin’.

Then my baby who isn’t a baby anymore did her first summersault. Naked. Not her first naked summersault, just her first summersault, ever, while naked. We cheered, obviously. Then I strapped a diaper to her butt and tried to get her to do it again. She couldn’t…or maybe she wouldn’t just to spite me. She’d do something like that because she’s our ALG (angry little girl.)

Moments after showing us her gymnastics prowess she walked down our wooden stairs without holding on to the railing. That’s when I realized it was “I’m A Big Kid Day” in the Bailey house and I need to have another baby because the one I thought I had suddenly grew up.

Just to hit home the fact that she has graduated to pure toddlerdom, today while tickling her mercilessly I noticed her two bottom incisors just cut through. This kind of explains the recent ALG and early waking behavior noted above…

So what exactly are you supposed to do with this information I just laid out for you? Nothing really, but just remember this post in 3 months when I inevitably announce to the world that I’m pregnant with Bailey baby #4 and know that I was forced to have another baby because my current one decided to grow up and become a big kid.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow isn’t “I’m A Kindergartener Acting Like A Teenager” Day. Oh wait, that’s every day!

Night Night!!!


Monday Night Quiz


What do you do when your youngest love-bug does this at bedtime?…

A) Shove the virtually unused wetwipes back in the package for future use.

B) Make your toddler clean up her mess and throw them in the trash.

C) Call in reinforcements in the form of her siblings to help you scrub the dirty hallway walls and baseboards to avoid wasting perfectly good wipes and postpone bedtime by 20 minutes.

(Hint: As in college, if you aren’t certain of the answer, pick C.)

Ahhh, it’s nice to have clean walls. Well… at least the bottom 3 feet anyways.

Night night friends!

Zombies, Sibling Love and Child Angst


So I haven’t been writing very much lately but now that the holidays and my son’s 4th birthday have passed I feel like I can finally steal some time for the things I love to do, like share goofy stories with you. Here are a few happenings that occurred over the past week or so that I think are share-worthy…

– A few nights ago I wrapped up some birthday cookie baking/decorating around midnight and then I helped my main squeeze finished a bunch of his paperwork. He probably would have been done earlier but he was simultaneously watching a DSC01185zombie movie, 28 Days Later, which I’m told has the best premise for a potential zombie apocalypse. Whatever…

So, yeah, we finally threw ourselves into bed a little after 1am and of course just as I’m entering some solid sleep, not 2 hours later, my old-man dog, Doc, felt the need to wake my ass up. Apparently he needed to go out and forgot (read: didn’t give a rats patooty) that there is a perfectly good doggie door downstairs. OK old man, I’ll let ya out but only because you’re not gonna be around too much longerI thought as I rolled out of bed and let him out. Plus, no one likes to be woken up to the sound of a dog peeing, or worse, on the carpet at 3am! I know this for a fact.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

I climb back under the covers and get settled and just as soon as I do I hear my husband say, “We need to decide who we’re going to kill first.” And then silence. WHOA creep-bag, was my initial reaction and what I should have whispered into the ear of my sleeping husband was, “Not your wife,” but instead I just rolled my eyes, turned over and thought, stupid zombies.

And so goes the life of a wife married to a zombie movie loving man.

Next scenario…

-I was cleaning up the kitchen while my kids made their way into the basement to play. DSC05457My son was escorting his little sis down the stairs and as I happen to walk by the basement door unannounced my son whispers to his baby sis, “You’re my best friend.” Yep, that was it for me. My heart was a puddle on the floor and I thought, Man we must be doing things right or something. Don’t get me wrong though, this house is far from being all kumbaya and I’m certain that as soon as the kids got to the bottom of the stairs and into the trampoline all doting behavior vanished and it was every munchkin for themselves. Let’s just say it was nice to witness a genuine, tender moment, especially one that wasn’t meant for me.

And the final happenstance to share with you all this evening…

– Prior to Christmas my son and eldest daughter ignored my requests that they stop acting like maniacs on their Great Grammy’s couch (although Grammy had no problem with their antics.) My request became a demand once I saw they had placed the ottoman on the couch. My daughter didn’t like my tone and developed a case of the uglies. We promptly left Grammy’s and finally by the time I put my daughter to bed 1 1/2 hours later she had altered her attitude enough to discuss things. She became exasperated trying to defend herself after I told her that I didn’t care if her Grammy said it was okay because she was tired, that sort of behavior was unacceptable and always will be no matter her energy level. She proceeded to throw herself on her pillow and dramatically huffed, “This is just like the beginning of Lilo and Stitch!” [It’s my favorite movie and I think we watched it a million times together when she was younger. If you haven’t seen this movie or don’t know what the heck I’m even talking about my daughter was referring to the part in the movie where the older sister (guardian to her younger sister, Lilo, after their parents die in a car accident) fights with Lilo about following rules etc.] Anyways, I laughed out loud because it was such a stellar parallel and so out of the blue since we haven’t watched that movie in about a year. The things kids hold in their minds is simply awesome.

Then not too long after that exchange, after I stopped chuckling because she said it wasn’t funny and got defensive again, she said, “I just didn’t plan my life to be like this.”

I chuckled on the inside this time and replied, “You didn’t plan your life kiddo, I made you.”

“No,” she retorted very matter-of-factly, “I planned things for my life while I was in your belly.” DSC05024

Wow! So that’s what I’m up against, is what I thought but all I could vocalize was a flabbergasted, “…interesting.” She blows my mind on a regular basis with the things that come out of her mouth.

Immediately following my reply she changed her tone from a little hostile to a little mystical and stated, “I’m magical.”

“Magical?” I questioned making sure I’d heard her correctly.

“Yes.”… “Don’t tell anyone.” she insisted looking away from me off into the night sky.

“O.K,” I said accepting what she had just disclosed to me.  And then I told everybody.

(Sorry kiddo, I hope some day if you read back on these posts and see this you’ll forgive me for sharing your special secret. It was just too special not to share! You amaze me daily and I love you!)

And at that moment her daddy came home and she all but dismissed me to go to sleep. It was a whirl-wind experience and I definitely had a beer after bedtime as I recounted our evening to her daddy and wrote down notes so I could adequately type up this exchange now.


Well, there you have it! These are the moments that make up my life and keep me smiling through it all. I’m so lucky to spend so much time with these ragamuffins and my zombie-loving husband who adores me. I hope you got a kick out of a story or two or at least maybe a smirk. Oh, and if you’ve never seen it you should watch Lilo and Stitch with your favorite little person. By yourself would be totally acceptable too!

I look forward to sharing more silly stories with you throughout this upcoming year.



Mommy Juggler Extraordinaire


It’s 3:45pm and my oldest daughter just got off the bus. Once inside we go upstairs to get her crying, nap-deprived sister out of her crib as her brother groggily shuffles in from the garage where he was finishing his car nap. I hold my needy toddler, set my kindergartener up in front of the computer to do her math work that she loves so much and position her brother behind her so he can watch her work.

Ten minutes later I have all three kids seated at the kitchen counter (probably whining about being hungry/thirsty/bored/annoyed but after 3 kids I now have selective hearing) and as I am about to begin making dinner as well as a Thanksgiving art project I realize the need to distract my in-house hurricane toddler from interfering with everything and everyone. Piece of cake.

Things are going well and as the rice simmers, Hurricane Baby is calm and building with Duplos and I am intructing her siblings on proper gluing techniques. I have a moment in which I now distinctly remember thinking Girl, you’re a pro! I was juggling dinner, crafting and toddler management without breaking a sweat.

By now you’re probably thinking: Dang! What a multi-tasker! She makes it look so easy!…

Then Hurricane Baby dumps all her Duplos off the counter. The CRASH makes us all jump.

(In hindsight, this was the beginning of the end of my stellar mother juggling though at the time I felt I could still be Supreme Mommy Juggler Extraordinaire. Foolish. I should have broken out the mini marshmallows…)

juggling motherhood

Instead, I decide Hurricane Baby needs to clean up her mess. Hurricane Baby decides that since she is now on the floor it’s a good time to rifle through the kitchen drawers as I turn my back to check the meal. As I navigate the kitchen, now booby-trapped with Duplos, tongs and spatulas, my oldest two can no longer agree on whose turn it is to wield the almighty glue stick but they do agree, based on smell and a quick sighting, that dinner sucks and they won’t under an circumstances eat it.

I sigh, steer Hurricane Baby away from the lower cabinets of dish soap and breakable dishes, twice, lock the darn child-locks, stub my toe on a plastic cup, snap at my lovelies now disguised as demon spawn and then stumble over all those theoretical balls I just dropped.

Then Hurricane Baby dumps the plastic bowl of uncooked rice (to be used later for exploring texture and such but at the moment it’s perfectly placed at the edge of the counter) over her head, into her mouth and all over the floor.

Hurrican Baby – 5

Mommy Juggler – 0

Well played, baby who is now crying because she does not enjoy the taste/texture of uncooked rice in her mouth.

What’s a mom to do when she falls so quickly from her juggling pedestal and finds herself with two whining demon children and a smaller one crying and clinging to her leg?

Laugh, of course, but only on the inside because demonic behavior shall not be encouraged. Then I grab some work out clothes, vacuum the dumped rice and usher Hurricane Baby and my still hungry demons into the car to sweat out my frustrations at the gym.

This scenario plays itself out over and over again in my household and I convince myself that this is normal.

It is normal, right?… Right?!?…

Either way, the kids keep me on my toes as I mediate what I expect myself to successfully facilitate for my family and what our reality allows. It’s fun and challenging and I am fully aware that less is often more but because I strive to give my kids all that I can I will inevitably find myself standing in a kitchen staring at wild children and imaginary dropped balls and loving every minute of it… at least in hindsight.


~Colleen ~ your loving, I-try-to-do-too-much-but-can’t-seem-to-help-it, stay-at-home-mom with a hyphen problem.

Also, I made a Fall wreath today! I’ll show you later though because now I must shower and sleep. XOXO