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Nature Discoveries on the Home Front


The other day the kids called me over to the mailbox before I sent them inside for dinner.  They wanted to show me this Monarch Butterfly that had been caught by a big, black, hairy spider.


It’s too bad I didn’t capture a better picture but it was shady and I was rushing to get food down the kids’ gullets.

The next morning we were riding our bikes out front and the kids noticed the aftermath of the spider’s feast.


Just the pretty wings were all that remained. Too bad for the butterfly but lucky for the spider. Such is life. And the kids peddled on.

Just now I was presented this toad as I sit typing and playing lifeguard.


I told my daughter to kiss it in case it’s really a prince but she refused.  I told her she’ll probably end up kissing a lot of toads before she finds her prince. She just started at me so I told her to put it in the garden.

I wonder what our next nature moment will be…