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“I Love My Family”


We headed to a fun bowling alley this morning before lunch with Great Grammy. They have $5 tot bowling every day from 10-noon but you gotta get there a little early to make sure you get a lane. It can get pretty packed in there. My kids were worried we’d be late again and not get a lane but those worries were for naught. They happily hugged each other as they stood at the front of the line, my boy giggling, “I love my family!” over and over again.


Then his sister bashed his finger and the moment ended just add quickly as it began.


This bowling alley rocks for so many reasons like the plush leather couches, lane-side service for all your drink and snack needs and the kid movie playing on the screens next to the scoring screens to ensure your minions don’t get bored and wander off between turns.


It was a great hour together and as it turns out my youngest is the most enthusiastic bowler of our group. She ended up bowling for everyone at the end.


We obviously need a sticker near the camera lense so we know where to look!

Tomorrow we’re tackling something a bit more involved than bowling…Six Flags Great America! Wish me luck!

Have You Met My A.L.G.?


If you don’t know what A.L.G. stands for it’s this:


My Angry Little Girl.

My baby, who really isn’t a baby anymore, use to smile all the time like this:


She was the happiest baby ever. Her Great Grammy began saying to anyone that would listen, “If you’re going to have a baby, have a baby Ela!”

In all fairness, my youngest girl only started being my ALG around the middle of August when her molars started coming in and slowly her behavior is becoming more pleasant although not entirely, she is a toddler after all!

2013-06-16 07.25.21Honestly though, I love her dueling demeanor. At times she is the snuggliest, 2013-09-12 09.32.52laid back little girl and at other times, well, just watch out! She’ll give you the stink eye and you’ll have no question as to where you stand in her book. Typically her scowls are reserved for the dogs and her brother but I have certainly been the focal point of her angst a time or two. Luckily I have some Ela-specific behavior modification techniques to fall back on. As it turns out, she’s a sucker for a sippy of milk and don’t get me started on her love affair with shoes so whenever I want the ALG to vanish and my sweet little girl to return I just hand over some liquid happiness or strap on a pair of shoes and she’s instantly pleasant… at least for a few minutes until something or someone ticks her off again.

She’s the best!

Cheers to toddlers and the delightful challenge of raising them!

Backyard Park


I’m pretty sure my MIL’s goal is to fund a neighborhood park. This park is located in my backyard and it just recently expanded.


See that dome on the left? Yeah, that’s new. My girly turned 5 and this was her present from her Grandma. The large play set next to it was acquired on her 3rd birthday. The little house was acquired as a “thanks for accepting me as your new sister” gift when my youngest was born last year. Their grandma thought it was a silly sibling gift and I wasn’t about to object. The thing has a doorbell for goodness sake! Oh, and that little one sitting in the front right of the play area was where we started. That was Lilly’s very first play set from her Grandma. At this rate I’m a bit worried as to where we’re going to end up but wherever that may be I’m comforted knowing we upped our insurance coverage!


Of course, the first day after their dad assembled the dome it poured all darn day. Obviously the rain didn’t impede their fun. Little man did  have to snag some buckets to help himself get up after I turned down his request for assistance. I’m sure I told him I had to tend to his baby sister or something. She’s still a good excuse to get out of unfavorable activities like climbing in the cold rain.

DSC02334My boy was much happier to climb in the rain once I mentioned to the kids that their snow gear would keep them a bit less soaked. I also mentioned that a rain jacket would help but my daughter doesn’t yet care about nappy, wet hair so she continued her outdoor exploration without one as I watched from inside and laughed.

The above pic was taken as she was coming inside after a solid 30 minutes of rainy day fun mastering the new dome at our backyard park.

“You’re soaked!” I said laughing as I snapped the picture.

“It’s just a little water, Mom!” she replied.

Have you played in the rain lately? Looks like fun, doesn’t it!?!