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Well,  I’m 29 weeks into this 4th pregnancy with 11 left to go. I woke up this morning feeling exhausted from crap sleep due to keeping late hours working on projects for my high school reunion (which is tomorrow… yikes! ), coupled with having a very active baby in my belly,  lots on my brain and a husband who was on-call and got unnecessary 5:30am wake up calls.

So, what’s the first thing you do in the


morning when you feel like dump?  Take a bad selfie and share it, of course.

Here I am world. Not really ready to tackle this day but like my SIL has been known to say I’ll just, “fake it it ’til I make it. ”  Whatever that means 🙂

Happy Friday, friends!

Beer and Birthday Parties


Our weekend, which was fun despite the less than stellar weather, included a beer festival and birthday celebrations for our 2 year old as well as her future prom date.

DSC06887Saturday we hit up Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery. Going to a beer festival while pregnant is not ideal but hey, someone had to drive and I was the prime candidate so off to Indiana we went early Saturday morning. Dark Lord Day is the one day of the year that Three Floyds Brewery sells its famous Russian Imperial Stout and more than 8,000 people showed up this year for the event. The gates opened up around 10:15am but people began lining up at 2am to be at the front of the line to get in. However, once in you have to stand in line again to buy your 4 pack of Dark Lord. It’s beer nerd heaven where male and female beer nerds from all around bring their favorite specialty brews to share with total strangers and eat their pretzel necklaces to try and soak up some of the alcohol they are consuming but basically by 1pm there are a lot of people slurring and stumblingMom and ela. It was much more entertaining last year when I could partake in the fun and the weather was nice but hey, that’s just part of being pregnant.

We got home from the festival around 5pm on Saturday and I immediately began cleaning and prepping for our 2 year old’s birthday party the next morning.

We were suppose to have a picnic in the park for her birthday with friends and family but the cold and rain ruined that so instead I cleaned by house and had everyone over. Nothing like a little motivation to clear the clutter! I was keeping everything simple this year because the party was going to be at the playground so we just did a bagel bar with cheese sticks and a fruit salad for lunch and donuts and cookies for dessert. I was partial to the flower sugar cookie bouquets. It’s the first time I made them and they were so simple and looked cute on the dessert table. No fancy cake or cupcakes this year but the kids and adults scarfed the desserts none-the-less so I’m counting it as a win. DSC06891 (2)

DSC06901My little 2 year old was all smiles throughout her party although I failed to capture any of her delight on camera and she even kindly thanked all her guests after opening their gifts with a slurred, “Dank Doo!”

I must say that it’s nice having all our birthdays over with until December and just a handful of big events to look forward to over the summer months!


This little guy turned two as well and was a lot easier to photograph. We went to his house in the evening for his birthday dinner so it turned out to be a great day celebrating these two cute stinkers.

Was your weekend relaxing? Eventful? Whatever it was, I hope it was fun!












Pros and Cons of a Big-Ass Belly


Well, there are 3 days left until my due date and probably another 5 or so after that before I have this kid and my belly just keeps getting bigger. As it expands, I have frequently taken note of the few occasions in which having a big belly has been preferable as well as the seemingly many more occasions when it’s just been a nuisance. I’ve taken the liberty to outline them for you below:


Pros of having a big-ass belly:

1. It serves as a great resting place for things like hands and ice cream bowls.

2. A body pillow isn’t really necessary to support my belly at night while sleeping. The belly is fully supported by the bed instead.

3. People seem a lot more friendly and smile at you more often, especially at the gym.

4. It serves as great butt support for the kids when I pick them up to carry them.


Cons of having a big-ass belly:

1. Anything that drips out of my mouth lands on my belly instead of inconspicuously falling onto the ground. I especially notice this while brushing my teeth.

2. I bump into people at stores because I forget how far it extends outward. This has happened numerous times while trying to sneak past someone to grab a gallon of milk. Pregnant people with large bellies aren’t meant to be sneaky.

3. It is built-in drag for swimming. This could be a pro if I were training for a championship meet but since I’m obviously not, it is definitely a con.

4. In 2 months my swim suit has stretched out so much that it is another source of drag on top of the belly itself.

5. Many of my maternity shirts look like belly shirts at this point. My wearable maternity wardrobe has decreased dramatically based on stuff I just won’t wear and things that no longer fit.


As you can see, the pros and cons are almost balanced though the cons do edge out the pros. Here’s to hoping I don’t have to dwell on these pros and cons much longer. Although, to be honest, I’m feeling really good for being 39 1/2 weeks pregnant so it’s not that big of a deal to go a little longer. I’m just anxious to meet the bugger and find out the sex! Plus, my swim suit is getting so stretched out I’m almost embarrassed to wear it anymore.



OB Booby-traps


There are some moments during certain days that are just epic failures. You know the ones. The ones where you play out a scenario in your head and then when you go to act out that scenario your body just doesn’t get the message and does whatever the hell it wants.

I had a moment like this yesterday at the doctor’s office. Let me share it with you. It might make you chuckle. Or cringe. Probably both.

So, I was at the OB office for my weekly checkup and had to go leave a urine sample as usual. It’s a standard procedure that I’ve done plenty of times before. Here’s how it goes, in case you’re unaware:

1. Piss in the cup.

2. Open the little door in the wall.

3. Place the cup on the tray.

4. Close the door.

5. Wash hands.

Pretty straight-forward, right? I have successfully carried out this scenario in the past and am aware that things could go awry if you’re not careful. For one, the cups at my OB’s office don’t have lids. Sure there are some with lids but there are also others without lids that I use because that’s what everyone else seems to use. Also, opening the little door is a bit tricky as you have to push the little handle/knob down as you pull the door open. Lastly, the stainless steel tray you set the cup on has a small lip around it so it’s wise to carefully set the cup in place. These are the booby-traps to navigate while leaving a urine sample. Do you still think this scenario is straight-forward?

I was very conscious of these booby-traps as I went to leave my urine sample and mentally noted each trap. I was determined to do a good job. I was planning on being in and out in moments. Here’s how the scenario of leaving a urine sample played out for me:

1. Piss in the cup.

2. Wipe the cup of spillage.

3. Open door

4. Slosh urine over the cup and onto the floor.

5. Let door close, wipe urine off the floor and the cup, again.

6. Open door for the second time.

7. Attempt to place cup on tray.

8. Hit the lip of the tray with the cup and dump urine EVERYWHERE.

9. Release a flurry of expletives and let the door slam shut for a second time.

10. Clean up urine from the tray, floor, my hands etc…

11. Successfully place the cup, with what is left of my urine sample, on the tray.

12. Exit bathroom feeling like a champion.

As you see, it took me a few (7) extra steps to successfully complete my urine sample. My body was obviously not cooperating with what my brain was instructing it to do. It must have been a bit fatigued from the swim I had just completed next door before my appointment. Silly body.

And speaking of silly bodies, I had both kids with me at the appointment. There are many moments throughout each day that their brains and bodies don’t sync up. Those moments usually require a kiss from Mommy to make the boo-boo better.

Odin had one such moment play out just minutes after my urine incident.  We were walking to the back room from the waiting room and Odin, distracted by his sister’s shenanigans, continued walking/running straight ahead when he should have jogged to the left. SMACK! He hit the wall full on. The nurse that was escorting us and myself had to turn around while we cracked up. Funniest thing I have seen in a while. Odin was okay. A bit stunned and shaken up but he didn’t burst into tear as I expected. The whole office heard the smack. Odin preferred the sucker the nurse gave him as comfort over my hug. It’s a good thing too because I couldn’t stop laughing as the events of my urine mishap and Odin’s run-in with the wall replayed themselves over and over again in my head.

Life is funny, ain’t it?


Baby chicks and baby bumps


It’s Spring and with Spring comes all sorts of things baby related.

For one, we are getting baby chicks. My wonderful mother-in-law is raising them for us right now at her place until I’m ready to bring them home which will probably be after baby #3 comes along. Yesterday the kids got to hold them for the first time.


And of course there is the upcoming birth of our baby. Just under 5 weeks until my due date!  Here’s a pic of me from the other night in that silly red shirt.

I’m 35 weeks and feeling pretty great. I’ve been swimming for about 4 weeks now, 4-5 times per week and it’s done wonders for my pelvic pain. I don’t break down into tears from the pain anymore and I know that makes my husband a whole lot happier. I can move around freely, play with the kids outside and carry them again when they need some extra lovin’. It’s amazing! I just wish I would have started swimming sooner.

I must say though, that my backstroke these days is a sight to behold. My father-in-law was swimming with me the other night and laughed at the sight of my belly rotating from side to side above the water.  He said the baby was probably getting sea-sick in my belly from all the swaying. Honestly, he might be right because I swear the kiddo inside is bracing itself against my ribs as I swim. It’s not the most comfortable feeling and my body is anything but stream line but I’m feeling stronger at least and am less worried about the upcoming labor.

For shits and giggles, here’s a red shirt, baby bump play-by-play spanning the past 12 weeks.


23 Weeks                                                           28 Weeks                                                            35 Weeks

With just about a month to go I think it’s time to start thinking about the things I need to acquire for baby #3 and all the prep work I’d like to accomplish before baby’s arrival. But instead, I’m going to go outside and play with the kids and chuckle as my husband tries to hang a tire swing from the tree that just keeps dropping branches. Stay tuned for scenes from this debacle, I mean adventure…






Enduring the heat


I really didn’t think  that I’d be dealing with these high temperatures during this pregnancy. My maternity wardrobe just isn’t cut out for this weather. But that’s not what I wanted to post about. I just needed to bring that up for a moment.

What I really wanted to share with you is this

As of late, Dragon has taken up residence in the bathroom.

It makes me chuckle looking at him because he reminds me of a drunk college kid. It’ll be okay, little buddy. (Don’t you dare puke in my house!!)

He’s really a cold weather dog at heart and the cool tile floor gives him a little reprieve from the heat since the indoor temp and outdoor temp are identical here at Camp Bailey. I refuse to turn the AC on yet. It’s still March damn it!

In addition to the cool tile floor, the bathroom also provides some solitude. It’s where he hides from our mini terrorists after a long day of playing with them outside chasing the dirt bike/four-wheeler/bicycles/tennis balls etc… Basically, he’s just worn out.

And I’m loving it!

He gets into way less mischief lately. No chewed up toys/books/recycling. No running away (knock on wood!) Better obedience. Here’s to hoping I can keep up this trend through the spring and summer. Shouldn’t be a problem since I have a dirt bike junkie on my hands to rid her dog of all his excess energy 🙂

Though the warmth is nice(ish), in all honesty my pregnant ass is really looking forward to the cooler temps that are coming our way. Nobody likes a sweaty, cranky, fat girl!





You want to do what, Doc?!?


I had a prenatal checkup today. My appointments tend to last just a few minutes and I never have to wait long so I really like the office I go to. What I didn’t like this time around was the conversation that I had with my Doc. I’m a little pissed about it actually and am now venting to you in hopes that I’ll stop thinking about it and move on with my day. The convo when a little like this:

Doc – “Blah, blah, blah. We’ll induce you at 39 weeks. Blah, blah, blah.”

Me – “Wait, you’ll do WHAT at 39 weeks? Did you say you’ll induce me? Why?”

Doc – “You have big babies and both kids were late. We don’t want the baby getting too big.”

Me – “Really, just because I tend to have big kids? I’m not okay with that.”

Doc – “Well, we’ll give you an ultrasound at 38 weeks and see what the kid is measuring.”

Me – “Okay.”

At that point I just wanted the conversation to end so I agreed to an ultrasound. I’m annoyed because my Doc just assumed that inducing me was kosher. It’s not. Plus it made me feel like a walking statistic for the office and not a patient that means anything to them. I really miss my old OB from the city more than ever! I know many people schedule inductions and I have nothing against those that do but I’m just not one of those people. Sure I’d love to get this pregnancy over sooner rather than later but that’s if the kid is ready or if there is a health problem with me or my baby. Not just because I tend to have big kids. That’s crap.  I pushed O out in 2 pushes and he was 9 lbs. 9 oz. I’m sure all I’ll have to do is sneeze this time and, no matter the size of this kid, it’ll pop right out. In addition, in utero measurements aren’t an exact science and there is a lot of predictive error that goes along with those measurements, so to base an induction off of a guesstimate, no matter the methods used, seems silly to me and I just won’t do it!

Good thing I’ve got final say! Kiss my ass, Doctor.

Thanks for the vent. I’m gonna go whack a tennis ball into the wind for the dog now. Maybe hitting something will help in addition to venting and being farted on by my 4 year old. I told her she was gross and she said, “Well, sometimes princesses are gross.”



And I’m Back!


Back in the water that is. It’s already been 5 years since my swimming career came to a halt and it’s been 4 years since I’ve swam regularly. Man have I missed the smell of chlorine. There’s nothing quite like licking your skin hours after being in the pool and getting a big whiff of it. Chlorine and the pool put me in a happy place, especially now because it’s my alone time. No kids. Just me. Ahhhh, so nice.









I didn’t think I’d ever convince Cullen to get a health club membership and as it turns out, I didn’t have to.  He was willing to sign up without any whining on my part since a knee injury has kept him from running for two years now.  The lure of childcare and a swimming pool was all it took. Well, that and what the scale was reading…

This morning, after dropping Lil off at school, O and I took our first trip to the health club. I was a little worried that Odin would have a meltdown in the childcare center and one of the workers would come get me. I was expecting it. Actually, truth be told I was expecting not to even make it into the pool today. I figured we’d have to make multiple trips to the childcare center to let O get acclimated before I’d be able to leave him. These were my expectations because  I tried a health club membership when Lilly was O’s age. She refused to stay in the childcare center without sobbing in the fetal position the entire time I was gone. It was a pathetic sight.  As it turns out, O is not like his sister and simply waved as I walked out.

I’m ecstatic to report that I was left in peace for my entire workout. I swam for 45 minutes and got 2000 yards in. The first 300 yards were brutal as my arms protested the repetitive strokes. Lots of stretching ensued. I was doing open turns due to my pregnant state and feeling like an amateur. I finally sucked it up and tried a flip turn. I was successful and all was well with my psyche after that.

I feel like I have regained a little piece of my former self. Ya know, the person I was before kids ruled my life. I’m working on being able to classify myself as an athlete again. Of course, in just about 8 weeks I’ll have to put my membership on hold for 4 months until I can put the newbie in childcare but It’s going to be a great 8 weeks. And as an added bonus Lil is now signed up for swim lessons! It starts this week and goes right up to my due date which, as long as everything goes according to plan, should be perfect.

I’m currently a little exhausted and following my workout I was ravenous but it feels so good and working out puts me in such a better mental state. O is currently messing with that good mental state as he is protesting his nap meaning I won’t be able to take a little rest. STINKER!

Oh well. Life is good!

Pissing in a jug


Yup, that’s what I got to do all day yesterday. I wasn’t collecting a urine sample for kicks, I’m not that strange. I promise! My OB wanted a 24 hour urine sample so that they can see how much protein my body is getting rid of.

I should probably clarify. I didn’t have to pee directly into a jug. That would have been a bit challenging considering the fact that my belly extends far enough in front of me that it impairs my view. I think you know what I’m trying to say here. So I peed in a pot thingy and then poured the contents into the neon orange jug they gave me. Fun, right…

Not at first. I forgot to take the jug with me while I was out of the house in the morning running errands with O. 3 1/2 hours is a long time for a pregnant person to go without peeing. Now mind you, I do have a stellar bladder and have probably boasted this fact to you in the past. Anyways, by the time we got home I really, REALLY had to pee. I got my pot and filled it up. I was pretty impressed with the measured results.

26 fluid ounces! That’s a lot of piss in one go since the pot only held 30 ounces. Bet ya can’t beat that.

Honestly, I don’t want to know even if you do. Throughout the rest of the day I came nowhere close to that first amount. I was feeling a bit disappointed with myself but then…

In the middle of the night I peed 28 ounces. A new record! Woo hoo! I felt pretty accomplished as I crawled back in bed and drifted off to sleep. I’m such a champ.

This morning I took my two neon orange jugs and proudly handed them over to the receptionist at my OB office. It’s nice not having to catch my pee in a plastic pot anymore though it was neat to see how much I piss in a 24 hour period. It was more than I would have guessed.

Isn’t pregnancy FUN?!? That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself for the next 9 weeks. If I lie to myself enough I just might start believing it.

Happy pissing, people.




Gearing up for some good times










Well, just 10 more weeks to go until these two hooligans have a new brother or sister. We’re all pretty excited about it. Those weeks should fly by since there is Lilly’s 4th birthday to think about and plan, a friend’s wedding and Easter festivities to look forward to. There are also a few major projects I should address before I really don’t have any free time and am walking around in a haze of sleep derivation.

Sleep, not there is a thing that has been coming easily the past 5 or so days thanks to our new Sleep Number bed. It’s magical. I no longer have hip or back pain to complain about (though the pelvic pain persists) and am sleeping like a baby without needing to reposition my growing self all night long. *sigh* I can’t stop gushing to people about how wonderful my new bed is and I seem to find ways of bringing the topic up in conversation just to talk about it. I’m addicted to my bed. And ya know what? It’s late, so I’m gonna go lay in it now and be happy.

Sweet dreams, friends.