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Talking Buffalos


DSC07281I love my night time snuggles with my 6 year old just as much as my 2 year old loves her mid-day snuggles on the couch with her sis. I love our snuggle time so much because it’s just us. It’s often time the only time throughout the day that we can carry on a conversation without being interrupted and it’s always a toss up as to where the conversation will lead. I like to let her talk, mostly, as I intently listen to her silly stream of consciousness or her inquiries about the world. It’s always been our special time and it lets me get a glimps into the inner workings of her mind. It’s a magical place in that mind of hers that harbors many deep thoughts and tons of curiosity that often leaves me a bit floored/smitten/entertained when I walk out of her room.

A recent bed-time conversation went like this:

L: “I wonder what will come after us?”

Me: “What do you mean? Like after humans and such? Like dinosaurs then humans and then…(shoulder shrug)”

L: “Yeah. Maybe talking buffalos!”

Me: “Hahaha! That’d be pretty awesome. It could happen.”

Like I said, I like the way she thinks! Life is good with a 6 year old.




Tooth Fairy Business


DSC07284My daughter has been itching to loose a baby tooth for quite some time. Most of her friends have lost at least one and she was feeling left out. Well, as of this evening she is now officially part of the gap-toothed smile club and she is thrilled, less so because she’s now part of the club and more so because she can eat normally again and nobody is trying to persuade her to yank it out. She has decided that the idea of having a loose tooth is more exciting than the actual experience.

For a solid 16 days this tooth extraction has been front and center on her mind. On the fourth of July I was laying in bed with her resting up before the festivities began and she casually mentioned she had a bump on the back of a tooth. I asked her to show me and was surprised/horrified to find an adult tooth already well above the gum line behind her baby teeth. Turns out she had been meaning to mention it to me for a while but kept forgetting. Frankly I don’t know how I missed it myself during the handful of times I helped brush her teeth.

I was worried since her baby teeth weren’t even loose yet so I scheduled a dentist appointment for the following week at which point the baby tooth was of course starting to wiggle. The dentist said all looked well and so my girl ramped up her attempts to get it out. She complained about how uncomfortable/annoying/odd it was while I complained about how we should start saving now for all the orthodontic work our children’s teeth are going to require. I myself went through two sets of braces with rubber bands, an expander, head gear and retainers to achieve my lovely grin (Thanks Mom!)

Anyways, throughout the last two weeks my girl continued to tell everyone she ran into that she had a loose tooth and would wiggle it for them all to see. She especially delighted in torturing her Grandma Maggie, who isn’t a big fan of loose teeth, by wiggling it extra enthusiastically in front of her every chance she got and there were many! Punk.

Thankfully the tooth came out tonight while she was brushing her teeth. The pure joy on her face was priceless and her siblings were super excited for her as well. We immediately found a little pouch to put the tooth in and placed it under her pillow. After reading a story I tucked my excited little 6 year old into bed and spent the next 10 minutes with her discussing Tooth Fairy specifics.

We speculated on how many Tooth Fairies there might be (she thinks maybe one per country since that would be a lot of teeth for one little fairy to collect each night), what the fairy does with the teeth (I suggested she uses them to build her castle) and where she lives (she suggested the fairy might be a drifter of sorts with homes/castles in every town). We talked about how cool and weird it is to have a hole in your gums and how when you stick your tongue in the hole it tastes a little metal-like. She would have continued talking but I had to cut her off and end her snuggle time because her brother was yelling from the bathroom that he need some  toilet paper to wipe his butt and her little sister was in the bathroom bothering him. Like older siblings d0 she rolled her eyes, giggled, said goodnight and promptly fell asleep.

These sure are some fun times being a mom and I can’t wait for the morning!






Thought Processes of a Four Year Old Boy


I’ve mentioned before and I’m sure you’re well aware that kids, in addition to being frustrating, irrational, spastic  and wild, are just plain hysterical, mostly when they’re not trying to be funny. DSC06932

Here’s some recent examples from my 4 year old…

Example 1: Last weekend we were driving past a few big box stores. One had a curb-side display of kiddie pools in three varying sizes. As we passed my son pointed them out and asked what they were. This is the conversation that ensued:

Me – “They’re kiddie pools but we don’t need one because we have a big pool.”

Son – “And we don’t have a kitty. There’s one for a small kitty, big kitty and bigger kitty!”

Me – In silent stitches, “Yup.”

My husband and I just let it go, deciding not to explain and enjoy the way our son’s mind works.


Example 2: Yesterday I was in the kitchen and my son was in the front room about to finish a puzzle. Here’s what went down:

Son – “Ugh! What’s that smell!”

Me – “I dunno. I don’t smell anything. Did the dog fart and walk away?”

Son – “No, there’s no dogs over here.”

Me – “Well, did you fart?”

Son – “Yes. But I said, “Excuse me“!”

Sorry son, simply excusing yourself does not eradicate the stench emitted from your butt. I wish it did though. Furthermore, this explains why when I’m standing in the kitchen and he’s in the bathroom I hear an exasperated, “Excuse me!” after he dumps out. I love my boy!

These are the moments that I must write down because I don’t want to forget them, which I inevitably will, but sharing these stories with you helps keep them alive a little longer.

I hope the little ones in  your life are keeping you in stitches too!


Colleen, a very amused mommy


Coughing Continues, Mommy Turns to Zombie


Well… ya know how yesterday I was boasting about the chopped onion remedy for coughs? Well, now that we’re going on day two and the littlest lady of the house was up ALL NIGHT LONG coughing in my face I’ve decided that 1) they indeed have a cold and it’s not some seasonal allergy and 2) all that really helps cure a cough is time. My son is already much better and slept peacefully through the night but his cough sounds bad when he does cough so we decided he’d stay home from school again. tired

As for my daughter, she rolled around, coughing in my face while we tried sleeping tummy-to-tummy, side-by-side, her feet to my face, her feet to her dad’s face, her head on my tummy etc… We did this bed dance from 1:30am until about 5:45am when her older sister came in and confessed she had peed her bed. I audibly sighed and whimpered and sent her into the shower as I closed my eyes again and hoped the mattress cover would do its job until I could motivate myself to crawl out of bed. Then about 15 minutes later my son came in and admitted he too had peed his bed. GAH! My husband sent him into the shower to join his sister and soon the wee-one who kept me awake all night and her dad joined the other two for some humid shower time. It’s a darn good thing we have two shower heads, a large shower and a huge hot water heater! I eventually joined in, but not before stealing a quick snooze alone, and sat like a zombie on the built in bench as our new coughaholic climbed onto my lap.

Anyways, what I was meaning to tell you this morning aside from the story of my hellish night is that I’m starting to think all these cough remedies and different ways to soothe kids’ coughs are in fact just ways to keep parents busy thus making us feel helpful as our children suffer through coughing fits and their bodies heal themselves.  As far as the bowl of chopped onions on my nightstand is concerned, I’m pretty certain it had no positive effect on my daughter’s incessant coughs last night and just made me a little queasy (or was that my dog’s farts as he lay right next to my bed…) Yesterday I bought Vicks Vaporub Cough Suppressant Ointment and slathered her little chest and the bottoms of her feet (because I’ve read that helps) at 2:30am to no avail. The honey and lemon flavored cough drops don’t seem to help much nor does sucking on a Lifesaver. By now my kids are refusing to take a spoon full of honey and will only take one or two sips of warm honey and lemon water. They know what I’m up to and want no part in my shenanigans to help soothe their throats but neither are they complaining of their throats actually hurting so maybe I should take a cue from them and ignore their coughs and carry on…

Have you noticed my positivity toward home remedies and such is suffering today? That’s the lack of sleep. I’ll hop back on the happy mommy train again once I can get a nap but if today goes like yesterday no one will nap and we’ll drag through the day with the help of sugar and caffeine. There will be days like these in every household and right now it’s our turn. I think that means it’s time to break out the Playdoh, Kinetic Sand, baking soda and vinegar and/or any other messy activity that can hold the kids’ attention while I pretend to participate 🙂

If you actually made it to the end of this cough-saga, pity-party post…Thanks! You’re a trooper. We’ll move on from here together and I promise a better post in the near future! Maybe involving some of my new favorite household items I’ve been meaning to tell you about…

Happy Thursday!


Kicking a Cough Using Onions


It’s possible my son has a mild cold again but I’m starting to think it’s also possible he has seasonal allergies that make him cough and suffer a runny nose. It doesn’t really matter the reason for the excessive coughing, we still have to deal with it and when it’s keeping us up all night long it’s time to try something besides honey and lemon, hot showers and a humidifier. Last night around midnight I hopped on Pinterest and looked up cures for a kid’s cough. I came across a pin linking to another WordPress blogger who listed some Natural Cough Remedies for Kids. The first remedy said to cut up an onion, put the pieces in a bowl of warm water and set it in the room where your child is sleeping(this works for adults too of course.) I had never heard of this before but since I had a bunch of pearl onions in the kitchen and a boy who was still coughing in his sleep I got to chopping and in just a few minutes had a very fragrant bowl next to his bed. pearl onions

I’m not sure if it was the onions in and of themselves or the onions coupled with the humidifier and my boy’s exhaustion but I didn’t hear another cough from him until I woke him up at 7:30am and brought him downstairs for breakfast.

Unfortunately his coughing picked up all through breakfast and nothing seemed to help. We couldn’t get it under control by the time we arrived at preschool so we dropped off the snack for his class as it was our turn to bring it and I took my boy back home. It’s a funny thing though, he’s a bit tired from a lack of sleep but I wouldn’t call him sick and as soon as we got home he hopped right on his bike and now that he’s been playing/arguing with his little sister for the past hour the cough has reduced to a much more acceptable level! I think he just needed a distraction. He probably would have been fine at school but I didn’t want him to be a distraction for all the other kids if he kept coughing. It’s a bummer though because he has just 5 days left of school!

So anyways, the point of this post is…

Try placing a bowl of onions soaked in warm water by your bedside if you’re suffering from a terrible cough. It may just be the cure you were looking for!

Here’s to hoping his coughing continues to reduce in severity and our day includes a long, onion-scented nap for us all!







Daddy-Daughter Dance


As a Mom I can’t help but love these moments. They’re the moments where my husband is DSC06972pressured into some sort of school activity by our beloved daughter despite a deep desire not to participate. Last week it was her Kinder-concert where she belted out the little ditties her and her classmates had been working on all year. He was adamant about going to the gym after work and then taking our other two home to bed but when push came to shove he was there to support his girl and we wrangled the younger two the best we could, mostly they danced in the aisle.

Tonight it’s the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Again he was adamant about not participating but when he came home this afternoon to coach soccer practice he made the call that they were going to attend. I mean, how do you not go to a Daddy-Daughter Dance when you have such a cute 6 year old and you rock the at-home dance parties all the time? So, as soon as soccer practice was over, I threw a dress on my girl and braided her locks as she stuffed some pizza into her smiling face. She chased it with some milk, my husband with a beer, and after I assembled a quick wrist corsage I sent them outside to snap a few pictures.


The only reason they are smiling/smirking at me in these photos is because I was holding a very upset, pizza sauce covered 2  year old and they thought it was hysterical that they were leaving me to deal with her while they went off to party.

Oooh, and here they come pulling in the driveway now. Can’t wait to hear all about it… from both perspectives!

Per my daughter, “We were the best dancers there! And they even played the Frozen song!”

Per my husband, “It wasn’t that bad.”

I can’t wait to get the professional photos from school but for now I’d better go get my little booty-shaker in bed so she’s rested for her early morning soccer game.


Colleen (A Very Pleased Mommy)


Easter Terror


How was your Easter? Ours was family-filled in the morning and friend-filled in the afternoon/evening. The weather was an awesome 78 degrees with enough sunshine to ensure my ginger husband got a little burnt and enough wind for kite flying. All-in-all it was a great day but I’m left with just one question…

Why do Easter bunny costumes look so darn scary? Not sure what I’m talking about? Google “Easter Bunny Costume” and check out the images page or just click here and you’ll see what I mean.

Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Ok, are we all on the same page now?

Sure there may be one or two that you might call cute but basically the rest are just down right sinister looking with their obscenely large eyes and open mouths sporting big, I’m-going-to-eat-you teeth. I will confess that I do get a kick out of the pictures I see of hysterical children being forced to pose with these bunnies. The sheer terror on their faces is enough to get me giggling but I do feel bad for them.

For example, this was our situation on Sunday:


My daughter wasn’t even out of the vehicle yet before she began screaming and crying and clinging to her siblings so there wasn’t an opportunity to even get her close to the bunny for a picture. It was awesome though and I’m probably a terrible parent to think so but hey, when you’re raising a bunch of little goons you get your kicks wherever you can!  My husband kindly took her straight into the Club while I video taped the affair for posterity sake and took some pics of my big kids and their big, we-love-the-sinister-Easter-bunny smiles.

Were you witness to any Easter bunny terror and what do you think about these costumes? I’d love to hear from ya.

I hope you got a few laughs on Easter, even if it wasn’t at the expense of a child who will someday be working out their rabbit fears in therapy.









Choo Choos, Cool Whip and Cookies, OH MY!


Whenever my kindergartener is off of school for a day we try to pack in as many fun things as possible to take advantage of the time we have together. Yesterday was no exception and I am still exhausted this morning from facilitating one activity after another but that’s A-Okay with me. It was a great day.

The kids had been jonesing to ride the Metra train again and asked to take a ride to The Choo Choo. It’s a little burger joint right off the tracks that delivers your meal via train if you’re lucky enough to get a spot at the counter. Unfortunately we didn’t get such a seat this time but we enjoyed our visit none-the-less.

DSC06751         DSC06753

The train was packed on the way  home but a nice fella gave up his seat so the four of us could pile in. I was very grateful not to have to stand with my minions. After our 2 1/2 hour, train themed adventure I whisked them off to the gym to find my sanity before heading home for soccer practice. After practice we dyed Easter eggs using the Cool Whip method just like last year.

DSC06763  DSC06765  DSC06767  DSC06769 DSC06780

Our eggs from last year turned out a lot better but that might be because I forgot to soak the eggs in vinegar. Oops! Oh well, we got a few good ones anyways and the dying only took 10 minutes, if that. I’m counting it as a win.

After shoveling some lasagna down their gullets I set the kids up to decorate sugar cookies. I just couldn’t motivate myself to decorate them with royal icing so instead I slathered on some frosting that only took a few minutes to whip up and let them get after it. They are mighty tasty with the buttery, powdered sugar frosting and piles of sprinkles and now we have some treats for any weekend visitors, like the Easter Bunny!

DSC06770      DSC06771 DSC06784


Today we’re off to have more fun. We have some birthday parties to attend both before and after the soccer games and I assume there will be the usual, random Saturday shenanigans that always round out our weekends. I wonder if I can sneak in a nap…

Wishing you all a wonderful, shenanigan-filled Spring weekend!




Baby Names


My daughter is home from school today and she has taken it upon herself to come up with a name for the baby.

Image credit, Disney

Image credit, Disney

Here’s her list so far:






I mean, the girl actually wants to name the baby after a happy snowman!

Someone’s head is stuck in the Frozen world. For weeks now it’s been a Frozen obsession over here with mini-plays being acted out and songs belted out theatrically. I know you other parents can relate. How long do you think this will last? I can’t say that it bothers me or anything since I like the movie and since I’m being thoroughly entertained on a daily basis so I’ll keep going along with it all but I refuse to name this baby after a character in the movie. My girl is just going to have to come up with something better. Back to the drawing boards, little lady!


Wednesday Night Trivia


2014-04-02 20.32.00

Take a look at these little cups. Here’s your question:

What are these little babies best used for in the Bailey household?




If you guessed “taking shots” you’re thinking too much like an adult but I do like where your head is at. Keep guessing…




If you guessed “having a tea party” you need to start thinking more outside the box. Try again…




If you guessed “drinking water out of the toilet while Mommy cleans up the kitchen” you must also have a toddler terrorizing your home because you’re dead nuts on it.

Thanks for playing!


Colleen Don’t-Know-When-I-Last-Cleaned-That-Toilet Bailey