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Recent Cookie Creations


In the past month or so I’ve done a little baking for a few events. The first was a hired gig which I normally don’t do but it was for a friend whom I am forever indebted to for her last minute help on my wedding day, almost 6 years ago, decorating my tent using wild flowers from my MIL’s field after I failed to consider that very important issue.

She needed some Peter Rabbit themed cookies for a baby shower so I whipped up these as favors for the party:

2014-07-15 08.56.25

The next day, since my kids were bummed I wouldn’t let them help on the Peter Rabbit cookies, we baked up more cookies and I brought these over to another dear friend:

2014-07-16 07.58.30

I’m not sure which I like more, the fun ice cream cones, dragon flies or the cute dogs.

More recently I made cookies for my 10 year high school reunion. Since I had so many other things to do for the party the cookies were done as quickly as possible so I didn’t do anything too fancy. It’s a good thing simply swirling two colors together looks so neat.

2014-08-02 18.53.49 2014-08-02 18.53.54

Two days after the reunion my sister, who was in town from Colorado, held an Arbonne party at our mom’s house so I made some cookies of their emblem using a specialty cookie cutter I was gifted. Again, since I was mid-planning for the reunion the cookies got a quick icing job and a little sprinkle action.

Here’s the logo and the cookies


arbonne logo 2   2014-08-02 09.17.42

I think I’m done with sugar cookies for a bit but don’t quote me on that. I always find an excuse to make more cookies!


Beer and Birthday Parties


Our weekend, which was fun despite the less than stellar weather, included a beer festival and birthday celebrations for our 2 year old as well as her future prom date.

DSC06887Saturday we hit up Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery. Going to a beer festival while pregnant is not ideal but hey, someone had to drive and I was the prime candidate so off to Indiana we went early Saturday morning. Dark Lord Day is the one day of the year that Three Floyds Brewery sells its famous Russian Imperial Stout and more than 8,000 people showed up this year for the event. The gates opened up around 10:15am but people began lining up at 2am to be at the front of the line to get in. However, once in you have to stand in line again to buy your 4 pack of Dark Lord. It’s beer nerd heaven where male and female beer nerds from all around bring their favorite specialty brews to share with total strangers and eat their pretzel necklaces to try and soak up some of the alcohol they are consuming but basically by 1pm there are a lot of people slurring and stumblingMom and ela. It was much more entertaining last year when I could partake in the fun and the weather was nice but hey, that’s just part of being pregnant.

We got home from the festival around 5pm on Saturday and I immediately began cleaning and prepping for our 2 year old’s birthday party the next morning.

We were suppose to have a picnic in the park for her birthday with friends and family but the cold and rain ruined that so instead I cleaned by house and had everyone over. Nothing like a little motivation to clear the clutter! I was keeping everything simple this year because the party was going to be at the playground so we just did a bagel bar with cheese sticks and a fruit salad for lunch and donuts and cookies for dessert. I was partial to the flower sugar cookie bouquets. It’s the first time I made them and they were so simple and looked cute on the dessert table. No fancy cake or cupcakes this year but the kids and adults scarfed the desserts none-the-less so I’m counting it as a win. DSC06891 (2)

DSC06901My little 2 year old was all smiles throughout her party although I failed to capture any of her delight on camera and she even kindly thanked all her guests after opening their gifts with a slurred, “Dank Doo!”

I must say that it’s nice having all our birthdays over with until December and just a handful of big events to look forward to over the summer months!


This little guy turned two as well and was a lot easier to photograph. We went to his house in the evening for his birthday dinner so it turned out to be a great day celebrating these two cute stinkers.

Was your weekend relaxing? Eventful? Whatever it was, I hope it was fun!












Choo Choos, Cool Whip and Cookies, OH MY!


Whenever my kindergartener is off of school for a day we try to pack in as many fun things as possible to take advantage of the time we have together. Yesterday was no exception and I am still exhausted this morning from facilitating one activity after another but that’s A-Okay with me. It was a great day.

The kids had been jonesing to ride the Metra train again and asked to take a ride to The Choo Choo. It’s a little burger joint right off the tracks that delivers your meal via train if you’re lucky enough to get a spot at the counter. Unfortunately we didn’t get such a seat this time but we enjoyed our visit none-the-less.

DSC06751         DSC06753

The train was packed on the way  home but a nice fella gave up his seat so the four of us could pile in. I was very grateful not to have to stand with my minions. After our 2 1/2 hour, train themed adventure I whisked them off to the gym to find my sanity before heading home for soccer practice. After practice we dyed Easter eggs using the Cool Whip method just like last year.

DSC06763  DSC06765  DSC06767  DSC06769 DSC06780

Our eggs from last year turned out a lot better but that might be because I forgot to soak the eggs in vinegar. Oops! Oh well, we got a few good ones anyways and the dying only took 10 minutes, if that. I’m counting it as a win.

After shoveling some lasagna down their gullets I set the kids up to decorate sugar cookies. I just couldn’t motivate myself to decorate them with royal icing so instead I slathered on some frosting that only took a few minutes to whip up and let them get after it. They are mighty tasty with the buttery, powdered sugar frosting and piles of sprinkles and now we have some treats for any weekend visitors, like the Easter Bunny!

DSC06770      DSC06771 DSC06784


Today we’re off to have more fun. We have some birthday parties to attend both before and after the soccer games and I assume there will be the usual, random Saturday shenanigans that always round out our weekends. I wonder if I can sneak in a nap…

Wishing you all a wonderful, shenanigan-filled Spring weekend!




Made It!


So about two and a half weeks ago I was sitting on my butt twiddling my fingers, a little bored. Sure there was housework to be done but I figured that could wait as I sat on the couch with my little ones, or rather as I sat and my little ones crawled/wrestled/jumped all over me. It’s a novelty having mom just sit on the couch and chill. I really need to do it more often. Any who, what I was really doing was conserving my energy for the upcoming slam that included baking 9 dozen sugar cookies for my oldest friend’s wedding, 3 dozen sugar cookies for my daughter’s 6th birthday party, 1 very specific birthday cake, 3 dozen birthday party cupcakes along with a small cake for blowing out the candles/spitting all over, and 4 dozen sugar cookies for a 100th birthday celebration. I did that in 9 days. Never mind the fact that my twin and her hubby came into town for the wedding, stayed up until 2:30am both nights and boogied our butts. Basically it left me worn out but now that I’m on the other side of it all I can breath easy and smile because, well, it’s over for one and for two, everything went over very well. She here’s a photo recap of the craziness…

Below are the sugar cookies for the wedding. There were 3 dozen of each, all tied up in little treat bags and I really wish I had taken a photo of all the bags sprawled out on my table. It was a sight! I’ve included a pic of the beautiful bride, Jessica, and my oldest buddy, Mike. Last comes my favorite picture of two of my munchkins spoiling their dinner while agreeing mom’s cookies take the cake.

DSC06415    DSC06533

Despite the bad lighting I love this next photo as well. It includes all my nearest and dearest people in the world. From left to right: My brother-in-law, Chace; twin sister, Kelly; mom, Anke; husband and kiddos; myself; and my “little” brother, Brenden. They are my happy place.

My favorite people in the world. My BIL, sister, mom, husband and kiddos and my brother.

My favorite people in the world. My BIL, sister, mom, husband and kiddos and my brother.

Thrown into the week of baking and crazy fun was my daughter’s 6th birthday on Wednesday followed by her glow party at Pump It Up on Friday. She wanted a Supergirl theme with the standard colors, nothing girly but was specific that her birthday cake be a pink angel food cake with chocolate frosting and including the Supergirl logo on it. This is what I came up with:

She was happy with the result after I explained that the Supergirl logo had her initial in it instead of the 'S'.

She was happy with the result after I explained that the Supergirl logo had an “L” for her name instead of the “S” for Supergirl.

There were 29 kids at the party... It was wild!

There were 29 kids at the party… It was wild!

A quick cake needed to be whipped up so Super Girl could blow her germs all over it

A quick cake needed to be whipped up so Super Girl could blow her germs all over it

This shot, although dark and blurry, cracks me  up.

This shot, although dark and blurry, cracks me up and shows exactly why I didn’t want her blowing out candles on the cupcakes!

3 dozen Super Lilly cookies were handed out as favors.

3 dozen Super Lilly cookies were handed out as favors.

And of course a few tropical/St. Patrick's inspired cookies needed to be made for my sister and her husband's first anniversary this past Sunday.

And of course a few tropical/St. Pat’s inspired cookies needed to be made for my sister and her husband’s first anniversary which they are celebrating back where the magic happened; The Dominican Republic.


























I took Sunday off from baking and partying to recover a little and to clean the pigsty that my house had become. Monday I went back to the kitchen, grabbed the flour, sugar and such and got down to business. This time I was baking for a very special occasion. My Grammy’s best friend, Libby, who passed away in December would have turned 100 years old this past Wednesday and there was a big celebration at her senior apartment building in her honor. Libby was a lover of butterflies so it was a no brainer what type of cookie to bake:


Spending the morning with some lovely blue hairs and my littlest lady who was running amok to everyone’s delight was a great way to end my marathon of baking and partying. I have quickly switched gears and am busy enjoying Spring with my minions and mutts and all the mud that goes with it!

2014-03-19 16.39.36


It’s nice to be back writing again and to have the flour and sugar wiped from my countertops!

Happy Spring, y’all!



Fun Happenings in Our Kitchen


There are a few fun and/or delicious things that have been happening in our kitchen lately. Come and take a look and maybe find a little inspiration to try some new things.

First off, I made some AMAZING quinoa patties compliments of Mel from I’d post a picture of them but we were all happily stuffing our faces so the camera was far from my mind. Quinoa, if you’re unaware, is a wonderful superfood that can be substituted for rice/potatoes/pasta and is high in protein, fiber, magnesium and iron. My kids are a little less enthusiastic about quinoa but when it comes to these little patties I’ve been called “an amazing cook!” by my 5 year old and also told, “You should be a chef!” That’s quite an endorsement from a kid if I do say so myself so go check them out. We ate them dipped in ketchup and sour cream with cottage cheese and fruit for sides. It was a very satisfying, meat-less dinner.

Another awesome dish from that I made this weekend is The Ultimate 7-Layer Dip. It’s a little labor intensive but well worth it. It’s suppose to be an appetizer for 6-8 people but they way I stood around this dish with a few friends and annihilated it I had to count it as my dinner! Again, there’s no picture for you to enjoy but if you jump over to Mel’s site you’ll quickly fall in love with her great food blogging and be able to put a visual to this dish that I am drooling over as I type. It’s getting a little messy over here…

Pull it together, woman! Moving on…

My left-over Super Hero sugar cookies that I made for a baby shower were a fun accompaniment to the few delicious dishes I was whipping up this weekend. It was my first attempt at these aside from Spiderman and the learning curve was huge so next time I expect them to look even better.


Much to my son’s dismay they are now all gone but I’ll soon be whipping up 10 dozen for an upcoming wedding so he won’t be deprived of sugar cookies for too long!



A little non-edible kitchen fun happened when my bored son needed a little excitement. It’s the simple and always pleasing baking soda and colored vinegar reaction. He was eager to show his sister the awesome color combinations he made and of course she needed a chance to experiment with the bubbly, color fun.


We used pink, blue, teal and yellow which combined to make this awesomeness…DSC06387


My daughter left her tray out over night to show her dad the next morning. Of course her little sister started playing in it and eventually learned that baking soda doesn’t taste as good as quinoa patties and 7-layer dip although it does look prettier!

As for this week, I’m going to try branching out some more with sweet and sour chicken, chicken and sweet potato soup and a chocolate flan cake all from

What’s your favorite thing to whip up these days and what’s your favorite place to get great recipes? I’d love to hear about it!

Cheers to staying motivated in the kitchen!



Camera Hijacking


I just imported 66 photos to my computer from my camera and noticed that I only took about 7 of them. These kids!

Mine come first and then the kids’. Can you guess which ones they took?


46 degree day + Perfect packing snow = 1st snowman of Winter. It started melting immediately and my daughter bawled.


Crankasorous wanted to go out but hated being in the slushy snow. Turns out she had a double ear infection I was unaware of at the time.


My husband’s best sugar art. He was pretty proud of himself.


Cookies for my Grandfather’s farewell lunch. It’s back to Germany with his butt until next time.


Cookies for the Arbonne party I hosted.


If Amy can sell to them she can sell to anybody! I think in reality she’s trying to keep their little paws off her products!


Why, hello beautiful…


“Is this thing working?” Boy does he crack me up!


Their Great Grammy is always willing to go along with their antics! Nice picture, minions!


But Mommy says, “Give me my camera you goons or I’ll eat your toes…and your chocolate sprinkle doughnut!”


Hmm, was I channeling this dino in my last picture? Tell me I’m prettier…


I wouldn’t want to run into this guy on a street corner.


But this guy…I think we could be friends.

And then of course there are a ton of out-of-focus photos that just need to be deleted. Thank you children, for a glimpse into  your world. Now keep your sticky fingers off my lense!

What kind of little surprises do your children leave for you?



Sweet Treats for my Sweeties


Growing up I remember Valentine’s Day fondly. My mom always made us feel extra loved on this day andDSC06300 spoiled us with a good breakfast, treats and cards. I don’t celebrate this holiday with my husband but I love celebrating it with my three little loves.

The gasp of surprise that escaped my son’s little lips as he walked into the kitchen and saw his balloon, treat and card laid out alongside his sisters’ makes it all worth while.

And of course, no special day is complete without some sugar cookies! We get to bring them to the Valentine’s Day Dance this evening. We’re excited to boogy!


I hope you guys have a love-filled day today full of your favorite sweets and sweeties!



Recent Sugar Art


I loved the Christmas cookies this year. 3 dozen were ordered and I sent 2 dozen to work with my brother where they blew the financial-centered minds of his colleagues.  I enjoyed my mid-day call from my brother and his coworkers asking sugar-related questions.


A few weeks later I whipped up the Spiderman cookies for my son’s 4th birthday party.


The most recent set of cookies were much less extravagant than the others but that’s mainly because I ran out of piping bags and had to resort to using bottles instead so the detail work was lacking. My sister and I surprised my mom on her birthday at work with a bunch for the nursing floor, some were sent to a friend in Washington who just had her 3rd baby boy and the rest were divvied up between other family and friends.


My mom was over last night and she asked if I had any cookies on hand because she said that they’re the only thing that makes her happy aside from her grandbabies. Goodness! What a compliment.  Guess I’d better keep baking. We like a happy grandma!!!

Happy Friday!



My Sweet Boy Is 4!



It’s 9am on January 5th. Four years ago at this moment I was laboring in a hospital room in Chicago wondering if my husband was going to make it in time to see our son make his grand enterance. His dad made it with about 30 minutes to spare and we whole-heartedly welcomed Odin Greystoke into the world. He was a bundle of love from the start and nothing has changed. He loves a good snuggle as well as an aggressive tickle. He’s a puzzling fool and a tackling machine. He’s equal parts laid back and wild and I am a blessed mama to have such a sweet little boy that makes me smile, laugh and holler each and every day.

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Let the Spiderman mania begin!


Trickster or Treat Fiend?


For my husband, Halloween is all about the once-a-year opportunity to scare little kids without major repercussions. Sure he’ll still elicit a scowl from a few mothers (most dad’s find it hilarious) as they comfort their dear children but mostly being scared on Halloween is excepted and those that wish to play tricks are allowed to do so.

For myself, Halloween is about the treats. That’s really a no-brainer. I love to go rifling through my kids’ loot once they’ve gone to bed Halloween night and I especially love to sneak around the corner the day after Halloween, stuff my face full of Twix bars and then as I’m using my tongue to remove the caramel stuck on my molars, forbid my children from consuming anything but vegetables. It’s awesome being a mom around Halloween time!

But really I love being the source of delicious treats. I spent the last three days working on 13 dozen sugar cookies for various occasions over the next three days. In case you were wondering what 13 dozen cookies looks like…


I designated 5 dozen for tomorrow, 5 dozen for my MIL’s fundraiser on Friday and 3 dozen for my mom’s church fundraiser this weekend.

I’m really happy with the way they turned out although the leaves don’t really excite me but at 11 pm after 12 hours in the kitchen…well…something had to give. It’s just a good thing they taste great (I know because I may have sampled a few too many broken broom sticks!)

DSC04182 DSC04178

Somehow I missed the jack-o-lantern in the photo shoot.


The owl is my favorite and was by far the trickiest to make (possibly due to the late hour at which I was tackling him.)


I’m also partial to the spider web.


I must confess that I can not take any credit for the artistic nature of my cookies. Nothing here is original. It’s very rare that I have a great design idea and whip it up. Rather, I Google what I’m looking for and scroll the images until I find something that’s been posted that I wish to replicate. I know my limitations and work with resources made available by the artistically inclined people of the interwebs. Thank you Pinterest and Google Images!

Anyways, I look forward to doning all our rain gear tomorrow and taking my little witch/zombie princess (she hasn’t decided yet), Spiderman and Cinderella traipsing through our neighborhood getting spooked on occasion and raking in loads of that sugary goodness.

Whether you are a trickster on Halloween or a fiend for treats I hope you have a spooktacular day!