Spoils of Summer – Wild Berry Picking


My guys went out for hair cuts this morning and when they came home they already had a plan set in2014-07-05 11.22.24 motion to go hunting for wild black raspberries that grow in the undeveloped land behind our house. They rallied us girls and we quickly set off with a couple neighbors to see how many we could find.

If you’re unaware, this is what wild black raspberries look like:

2014-07-05 11.51.14   2014-07-05 11.17.35

It was quite a hike for the wee ones given the sleep deprivation they were rocking due to some major at-home pyrotechnics last night but with a few piggy-back rides, a healthy dose of competition and a bunch of hand holding we made it through an hour long journey with lots of berries, and some stained fingers of course!

2014-07-05 11.14.21 2014-07-05 11.13.26 2014-07-05 11.29.56 2014-07-05 11.28.10

There are tons of berries that are still ripening so another adventure is sure to be in our future. Now I just need to figure out what I want to make with them although by the time I decide on something I’m sure we’ll have gobbled them up in their natural form which is just fine by me. I do think some French toast with black raspberries and fresh whipping cream will be on the breakfast menu tomorrow! For now, the house is quiet with everyone passed out. Maybe I’ll take a hint and close my eyes for a bit before our evening festivities begin.

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday weekend!

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