It’s All Fun And Games Until Great Grammy Wins



Our weekly visits to Great Grammy’s house typically involve lots of food and treats, coloring and bouncing on the furniture. This week the kids brought Chutes and Ladders and it was a great game for them to play with Grammy. My oldest girl won the first two games and then excused herself so someone else could win a game. My boy won the next game and was eager to play again so Grammy happily obliged. Then she won the next game and my boy turned into a butthead.


See that scowl. It didn’t last long though because his Grammy agreed to play again for the ump-teenth time. She’s a saint.

Board games with kids can end up great or sucky but the process is usually fun and when you have a Great Grammy to divert sour moods with Jello, popcorn, goldfish, gummy bears and M&Ms the outcome of the game hardly matters!


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