Daddy Shenanigans


The dad in this house is the instigator of fun and is the brains behind most of the crazy shenanigans in these parts.

For instance, yesterday we were at a birthday party. In the 6 hours we were there he instigated numerous water balloon attacks and encouraged a large group of swimming kids to try drowning him by roaring loudly in their faces and flexing then he repeatedly threw them into the deep end and/or dunked them to their delight. He also assembled all the kids to help attach balloons to a beer can with their signatures inside to see if it would fly and enthusiastically escalated a little goody-bag fun into a free-for-all war between both kids and adults using sticky hands and mini water guns.

2014-06-14 19.10.06

Here’s our guy in all his glory releasing the balloons and beer can.

2014-06-14 19.10.13

It was fun watching it fly away. Never mind that a wind vortex cut the flight short.











This sticky hand fight lasted a solid 20 minutes.

This sticky hand fight lasted a solid 20 minutes. That’s my little nugget in the middle protecting herself from a sticky slap. Smart girl!


I’m so glad he’s on my team in this parenting game and in general!  I Hope you’re all having fun with your favorite dads this weekend and/or remembering some of the fun shenanigans that they were involved in if they’re no longer around.




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