If you’re a parent of school-age kids you most likely understand what this post’s topic revolves around without reading anything but the title.


Last day of Kindergarten

Transitions. Certainly everyone goes through all sorts of them but what my world is focused on right now, like thousands of others,  is the transition from school days to Summer days.

I have been fretting for weeks the coming of this day, when the structure of our daily school routines cease and I’m thrust back into the spotlight to structure the 14 or so waking hours I have with my kiddos. I think I was stressing so much because I’m now 20 weeks pregnant (half way, guys) and my patience and energy levels have suffered a bit. So in preparation of the coming apocalypse Summer vacay I wrote out a daily routine involving reading time, quiet time, play time, etc that I thought would be beneficial for both mom and kids. I scanned the park district’s Summer schedule for fun activities to possibly enroll my older two in and registered for another session of gymnastics, this time for all three of my energetic offspring. I wrote a list of some of the fun activities offered in our city that we have yet to take advantage of and I thought out a plan for how best to utilize my allotted 2 hours per day of childcare at the gym we go to.

(If you think all this forethought is a little excessive then you’re probably not a mom. I’m fairly certain most mothers (and some fathers too) have been stressing for weeks about these same issues. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to feel better about all the mental energy I have used up mulling over this transition period.)

Always a monster-face photo

Monster-face photo is mandatory with this crowd

I count today as our first official day of Summer vacation since both kids are now off. However, I won’t get a healthy dose of what that really means for me and my three minions until Monday because I was gifted a mommy-freedom day today by a few of my stellar relatives who took my hoard to an amusement park, all. day. long.

It was glorious. I’m sure the kids enjoyed themselves too.

Anyways, now that the time has come where I am once again the sole ringleader of my small circus all the live long day, I must admit that I’m not feeling as spastic as before. Maybe it’s all the planning I did prior to getting to this point or the fact that I’m typing this post after the most relaxing, kid-free, husband-free day I have had in…well…who really knows! It’s probably a very good conglomeration of the two meshed with a new zen-like attitude I’ve adopted towards myself and my immediate future.

I suppose that’s another transition of late. I’ve decided (once again) to try and chill out and be more present. To enjoy my kids as fully as I can at this very moment and allow them to be kids whether that means arguing with one another without my interference, crawling in my lap for a snuggle or a story or staying up late as their ice cream sugar highs wear off. I’m trying to try to distance myself from unnecessary distractions

Cookies for soccer BBQ/pool party. We were the green Disco Ninjas and the blue Bombers.

Cookies for our soccer BBQ/pool party. We were the green Disco Ninjas and the blue Bombers.

(Have you noticed a decrease in my blogging frequency?). To take the time to rest when my body tells me it’s time (growing a baby is hard work!) and to allow myself to regularly indulge in me-time to read or whatever suits my fancy, even if the kids are around and despite the fact that I am the sole benefactor of those actions. To let my frustrations pass before reacting when my plans don’t come to fruition be them about landscaping or bed times or whatever. All this spawned from reading a pregnancy magazine given to me at my last appointment that emphasized the importance of nurturing yourself throughout your pregnancy.

I suppose it’s just the advice I needed to read after throwing one hell of an end-of-the-season soccer pool party, if I do say so myself, and feeling exhausted, bogged down with laundry and household maintenance and a bit frazzled in general

Blue Bombers with Coach Cullen. See what I mean about monster faces?

Blue Bombers with Coach Cullen. See what I mean about monster faces?

(though still very content!) With Summer vacation upon us I hope to continue fostering this feeling of contentedness and happiness by balancing a loosely planned schedule with the freedom to be spontaneous and do whatever it is we feel we want to do. I plan on reminding myself frequently that it’s not the number of activities we check off our Summer bucket list that’s important but rather the experience of doing them together, with all the arguments, tears, laughs, scrapped knees, inevitable boredom, excitement and soiled undies that come with it. It’s not like this is a new epiphany or anything, I’ve had these thoughts before, but as I get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life I feel it’s important to refocus on what’s truly important and reinforce it for myself by spelling it all out for you.


Last game of the season. I already miss all those goons and their fun parents!

I wonder how far into the Summer I’ll make it with this zen-like attitude before acknowledging to you all I have gone into pure survival mode and started counting down the days until school starts again. It’ll happen. Probably somewhere between the time that construction on our guest master bedroom begins and we attempt potty training.

Thanks for reading my babblings!

(Um, I’m certain I just saw a huge silver fish scuttle under my couch from the corner of my eye. EWWWW!!!)

^^^ See, more babblings. This is what happens when I have too much free time.



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