Thought Processes of a Four Year Old Boy


I’ve mentioned before and I’m sure you’re well aware that kids, in addition to being frustrating, irrational, spastic  and wild, are just plain hysterical, mostly when they’re not trying to be funny. DSC06932

Here’s some recent examples from my 4 year old…

Example 1: Last weekend we were driving past a few big box stores. One had a curb-side display of kiddie pools in three varying sizes. As we passed my son pointed them out and asked what they were. This is the conversation that ensued:

Me – “They’re kiddie pools but we don’t need one because we have a big pool.”

Son – “And we don’t have a kitty. There’s one for a small kitty, big kitty and bigger kitty!”

Me – In silent stitches, “Yup.”

My husband and I just let it go, deciding not to explain and enjoy the way our son’s mind works.


Example 2: Yesterday I was in the kitchen and my son was in the front room about to finish a puzzle. Here’s what went down:

Son – “Ugh! What’s that smell!”

Me – “I dunno. I don’t smell anything. Did the dog fart and walk away?”

Son – “No, there’s no dogs over here.”

Me – “Well, did you fart?”

Son – “Yes. But I said, “Excuse me“!”

Sorry son, simply excusing yourself does not eradicate the stench emitted from your butt. I wish it did though. Furthermore, this explains why when I’m standing in the kitchen and he’s in the bathroom I hear an exasperated, “Excuse me!” after he dumps out. I love my boy!

These are the moments that I must write down because I don’t want to forget them, which I inevitably will, but sharing these stories with you helps keep them alive a little longer.

I hope the little ones in  your life are keeping you in stitches too!


Colleen, a very amused mommy



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