Kicking a Cough Using Onions


It’s possible my son has a mild cold again but I’m starting to think it’s also possible he has seasonal allergies that make him cough and suffer a runny nose. It doesn’t really matter the reason for the excessive coughing, we still have to deal with it and when it’s keeping us up all night long it’s time to try something besides honey and lemon, hot showers and a humidifier. Last night around midnight I hopped on Pinterest and looked up cures for a kid’s cough. I came across a pin linking to another WordPress blogger who listed some Natural Cough Remedies for Kids. The first remedy said to cut up an onion, put the pieces in a bowl of warm water and set it in the room where your child is sleeping(this works for adults too of course.) I had never heard of this before but since I had a bunch of pearl onions in the kitchen and a boy who was still coughing in his sleep I got to chopping and in just a few minutes had a very fragrant bowl next to his bed. pearl onions

I’m not sure if it was the onions in and of themselves or the onions coupled with the humidifier and my boy’s exhaustion but I didn’t hear another cough from him until I woke him up at 7:30am and brought him downstairs for breakfast.

Unfortunately his coughing picked up all through breakfast and nothing seemed to help. We couldn’t get it under control by the time we arrived at preschool so we dropped off the snack for his class as it was our turn to bring it and I took my boy back home. It’s a funny thing though, he’s a bit tired from a lack of sleep but I wouldn’t call him sick and as soon as we got home he hopped right on his bike and now that he’s been playing/arguing with his little sister for the past hour the cough has reduced to a much more acceptable level! I think he just needed a distraction. He probably would have been fine at school but I didn’t want him to be a distraction for all the other kids if he kept coughing. It’s a bummer though because he has just 5 days left of school!

So anyways, the point of this post is…

Try placing a bowl of onions soaked in warm water by your bedside if you’re suffering from a terrible cough. It may just be the cure you were looking for!

Here’s to hoping his coughing continues to reduce in severity and our day includes a long, onion-scented nap for us all!








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