Daddy-Daughter Dance


As a Mom I can’t help but love these moments. They’re the moments where my husband is DSC06972pressured into some sort of school activity by our beloved daughter despite a deep desire not to participate. Last week it was her Kinder-concert where she belted out the little ditties her and her classmates had been working on all year. He was adamant about going to the gym after work and then taking our other two home to bed but when push came to shove he was there to support his girl and we wrangled the younger two the best we could, mostly they danced in the aisle.

Tonight it’s the Daddy-Daughter Dance. Again he was adamant about not participating but when he came home this afternoon to coach soccer practice he made the call that they were going to attend. I mean, how do you not go to a Daddy-Daughter Dance when you have such a cute 6 year old and you rock the at-home dance parties all the time? So, as soon as soccer practice was over, I threw a dress on my girl and braided her locks as she stuffed some pizza into her smiling face. She chased it with some milk, my husband with a beer, and after I assembled a quick wrist corsage I sent them outside to snap a few pictures.


The only reason they are smiling/smirking at me in these photos is because I was holding a very upset, pizza sauce covered 2  year old and they thought it was hysterical that they were leaving me to deal with her while they went off to party.

Oooh, and here they come pulling in the driveway now. Can’t wait to hear all about it… from both perspectives!

Per my daughter, “We were the best dancers there! And they even played the Frozen song!”

Per my husband, “It wasn’t that bad.”

I can’t wait to get the professional photos from school but for now I’d better go get my little booty-shaker in bed so she’s rested for her early morning soccer game.


Colleen (A Very Pleased Mommy)



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