Pronunciation Fail


It’s late afternoon here and I’m doing some homework with my kindergartener.

Outside it’s snowing (ugh!)


While inside my son is running around like a banshee proclaiming himself to be an “irhino” (pronounced eye-rhino).


Any clue what that is? I bet not so I’ll just tell you because it is not a rhinoceros.

He’s being a hyena, of course!

Irhino…hyena…totally logical mispronunciation, right?

After repeatedly watching The Lion King last year his 3-year-old little brain couldn’t seem to wrap around the correct pronunciation of the word no matter how many times I corrected him and now that he is 4 I have decided to stop correcting him and just laugh.

Enjoy the rest off your day! It’s time for me and my irhino to make some dinner.

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