You Know it’s Spring…


…When you wind up at Farm & Fleet on a chick-acquisition errand for a friend…



…and wind up getting a few for  yourself as well! They’re just too cute as babies to pass up and we needed a few more anyways (yes, I realize they will grow up but for now I’ll dote on them!) I grabbed us a Salmon Favorelle and a Black Australop, because that’s what my friend was getting and I trust her chicken knowledge, to go with our Barred Rock and Araucana.


Now, of course I finagled my friend into raising them for us with her own until they are old enough to be assimilated with the other two in our chicken tractor but for today, they are peeping away on my countertop, enjoying the sunshine.


Just for the record, I had no clue just how loudly a chick could chirp until now. I must say, it’s impressive and a bit painful at moments but they seem to be happy and we’re happy to have them!

Happy Spring!








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