Our Spring Break That Almost Broke Me… Almost.


By Thursday evening last week I was feeling incredibly tired both mentally and emotionally although physically I was okay. I’m not used to being pulled in three different directions for 13 hours straight and by Thursday I was in some serious need of “me” time. It wasn’t the trip to Monkey Joes on Monday or lunch out with my mom and toddler Tuesday while the older two kids went to a movie and Chucky Cheese that had DSC06620me ready to run away from home nor was it the bowling and lunch with their Great Grammy on Wednesday followed by our Thursday adventure to the Volo Auto Museum dressed as super heros. I think the reason I was so stressed out was really just the combination of constantly playing referee between my three minions and asking my boy to get his (insert just about any object from socks to Spiderman toy here) for the eleventheenth time to no avail.

Or…maybe it was really, quite simply, the fact that I’m 12 weeks pregnant with Bailey baby #4!

Either way, once the kids were in bed Thursday night I sobbed to my husband. Luckily he’s great at putting the pieces of me back together again and by Friday morning I was ready to tackle a day at Brookfield Zoo with patience and a smile.


Face painting is a must for us when we visit the Hamill Family Play Zoo at Brookfield Zoo.


Can you spot my Cheetah and Lion?


Easily my favorite monkey. What a weirdo!
















Then my husband took me on a date Friday night for some pizza and all was right in my world.

Saturday we packed up the family along with Grandma Anke and trekked off to Chicago to meet my brother at the Field Museum. It was so much fun.


My 6 year old still can’t stop talking about Sue, the most complete T-Rex skeleton to date.

We lamented that the dino skeletons didn’t seem as impressive as when we were kids although we agreed they’re still freaking awesome.DSC06680 The kids loved pressing all the red buttons for the interactive displays and learning about the weird animals that once inhabited Earth.


They were a great age for the museum and after about 3 1/2 hours we were ready to pile back into the car for a 3 hour drive to New Glarus, WI for an evening of great company, food and lodging.



DSC06702Before heading home on Sunday we took the kids to meet harass a baby goat. I think I need a goat instead of chickens. DSC06710They’re so much more cute compared to chickens and as long as the kid agrees to stay little I think we could have a good thing going but that’s probably asking too much. Dang. Guess I’ll keep the chickens.

Now that Spring break is over and our school routine has begun again it’s time to transition back to tackling laundry, cooking, activities and homework. It’s a busy but comfortable routine and I’m happy to get back at it but I won’t make any promises that this comfortable routine won’t also lead to more overwhelmed moments of crying and frustration. That’s just my life as a pregnant person! DSC06617




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