Benefits of Having a 6 Year Old Girl


2014-03-25 14.34.21

If you have a young girl or even know a young girl then chances are you’ve been gifted at least one, but probably many, works of art throughout the years. My 6 year old just had her birthday which means she has, what seems to me, like a zillion artsy-fartsy projects-in-a-box waiting for her eager, little self to tackle. They have been sprawled out all over my table for about 2 weeks now and I finally just banished them to her art chest so we can eat at the table once more.

I have a love-hate relationship with her crafts. On the one hand I love them because they help aid her creativity and keep her busy but on the other hand I resent them because usually her anal side flairs and she gets in a tizzy if things aren’t exactly how she’d like them to turn out. There have been many torn up pieces of paper and what-have-you due to minor mess-ups but then again there have been some pretty amazing pieces as well. Remember this work of art?

As of now, I’m feeling the love for her crafts since I was gifted this gem-covered butterfly sticker for my iPad cover. It’s hard to misplace the sucker now with all that bling! As you can see from the picture, I was enjoying a little quiet time this afternoon with my glamorous iPad, butterfly sugar cookies and tea. It was delightful, just like my daughter.

I hope your gifts from the small love-bugs in your life are as great as mine! If not, let me know and I’m sure I know where to get an extra!



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