What Early Spring Means Around These Parts…


Spring means flowers! It also means that I get to prove just how non-existent my green thumb is. 48 hours ago this was a beautiful hydrangea given to me by my Grammy. I killed it. Probably too much water but I swear I drained the excess… Ugh! It’s just a good thing my husband is the one that gets our garden up and running!



Despite my lack of floral skills I must say I’m a pro at cleaning the yard of dog and chicken poop. I’m not sure how highly regarded that skill is but boy-oh-boy I can sure shovel shit with the best of ’em. Spring really makes it disgustingly apparent how lazy we were over the Winter at waste removal. Due to all the snow this Winter our chicken tractor didn’t get moved around too much as you can clearly see by looking at this shot of the yard below. 


I lost track of how many 3 gallon buckets worth of waste I dumped over the back fence after 7. Those are some highly fertilized sections of lawn! After all that chicken clean up I came upon the location where my oldest dog had been dumping out all Winter long and although I appreciate the way he kept his feces confined to one area out on the periphery of the lawn, I was a bit surprised by the quantity I had to scoop. I have to be honest though, I didn’t even hate doing all this yard clean up. The weather was warm, the sun was shining and my toddler was confined to her crib despite the fact that she was protesting her nap for the third straight day.

Spring also means T-shirts and happiness. These kids definitely got the memo. They are mid-happy dance here.


I think I’ve smiled more over the past 3 days than the past 3 months just because I get to hear the gleeful shouts from my minions as they explore their backyard again. They’ve rediscovered the joys of swinging on the playground, riding their bikes and driving their jeep. It’s been a fun few days and I’m happy for the change of pace that this thaw has brought us, mud be damned!

Spring Break starts today for my kids and we are excited to sleep in, play hard and continue enjoying Spring, even though the temps are going to dip back down for a while.

I hope the weather is favorable for you like it has been for us.







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