High Personal Standards


So yesterday my kindergartener came home and immediately I could tell something was wrong. She was sullen and B-lined it for the house instead of throwing her backpack down and running to play in the snow. Immediately I inquired what was wrong. She went straight to her backpack, pulled out her folder and handed me this paper:

2014-03-05 19.14.22

This is the first piece of classwork that has needed to be fixed and returned. I turned the paper over and on the back side they were suppose to write out the names of eight pictures such as bed, cap, peg, wig and so on. She spelled two wrong and simply did not do two others. As I was inspecting her work she burst into tears and couldn’t look at me. She was so disappointed in herself and thought the world was ending. I guess she is a lot like me after all!

My sweet, sweet girl.

She is so hard on herself and struggles with not being perfect, especially when it comes to her school work. Her dad and I just try to emphasize with her that it’s the way she reacts to making mistakes and how she goes about fixing them that is most important, not necessarily the mistake itself, at least not in kindergarten!

So as my heart broke a little for her as she silently sobbed, I dropped to my knees to reassure her that mistakes happen, even as adults, and that she is still an amazing student and that we love her so much. It took a few moments of reinforcing those points and getting her to agree that all would be well once she fixed her mistakes and put the paper back in the folder for her teacher.

I must say, I can totally relate to my daughter on this. I went through school with a firm belief that school work was meant to be done correctly, on time and with a high level of effort. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times when that firm belief was swayed by outside influences and I brought home papers like the one above and boy did I feel terrible! In the long run, holding myself to a high personal standard served me well even if it made my mistakes and failures that much harder to bare. I hope my daughter continues to hold herself to these same high standards and can learn to forgive herself for the mistakes she will make and knows she has a mom and dad that will always be there with open arms and encouraging words to help her along the way.

Doesn’t life come full circle in interesting ways! I just hope sharing my experiences with my children will help them in some way down the road but I know they’ll have to learn most of it on her own. The joys of parenting 🙂

I’ll keep allowing myself to make mistakes. I hope you’ll do the same for yourself!







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