No F***ing Mariachi Bands!


The only real rule when we went to Mexico, per my husband, was NO MARIACHI BANDS! This was at the top of his e-mail of information that he sent out to all our family and friends that were joining us and it was a rule that he had reinforced for months prior to our departure to warmer weather.

So naturally at our sea-side lunch one day this happened….

mariachi band


A rule like that is just made to be broken, especially when you run in our circle, so when the band of 4 or 5 hombres walked past our table we couldn’t help ourselves. They played ‘Ring of Fire’, poorly, like a bunch of middle-school band members and needed us to help sing the words. After a few minutes of torture my husband offered them $5 to stop. That $5 stopping fee actually covered the entire performance which delighted all of us at the table seeing as he paid for the mariachi band that broke his own major trip rule. It was one of the best moments of our trip and I’m certain he secretly loved every minute of it! I know the rest of us did!

Boy do I miss the spiny lobster, Pacifico beer and white russians from lunch (it was a wobbly walk back to the villas!)…but strangely not the mariachi band…definitely not the mariachi band!









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