Running Ourselves Ragged


Thank goodness we had today off of school because after a weekend full of food, friends, fun and late nights we sure needed a recovery day! So what exactly did this weekend entail? Well, there was the annual Montessori School Valentine’s Day Dance Friday night where my husband and eldest daughter thoroughly rocked out on the dance floor. I wish I had photos but left the camera in the car like a dope. We followed that fun up with a family friendly Valentine’s dinner with friends and the fare included things I’ve never eaten at home before; crab legs, lobster tail, calamari and crab cakes. Yeesh! It sure was delicious, I felt a wee bit spoiled and of course I loved every moment of it even if dinner didn’t actually happen until after 10pm but the kids were troopers and we didn’t even have to deal with a melt-down!

The next morning, once we actually dragged our butts out of bed we settled in for a scrumptious breakfast compliments of yours truly. I’ll have to post the waffle recipe soon because it is totally legit and we all ate until we were stuffed (although I eat like that all the time so…)

Lil was about 40 minutes into a book and brought it to the breakfast table to continue. She’s on a mission to complete 360 minutes of reading this month to earn a free pass to Six Flags.

2014-02-15 09.56.00

And once the book was done she could focus on eating… or trying not to fall off her chair while smiling for a picture…

Chair slipping                                     Major relief                                    Ready to eat

2014-02-15 10.11.46   2014-02-15 10.11.48   2014-02-15 10.11.52

A trip to an indoor trampoline place for a birthday party (imagine adult males pummeling adolescent boys in trampoline dodge ball and you’ll begin to understand the pure awesomeness of this event) and another late-night gathering of friends at our house sums up the rest of our Saturday highlights.

Our energy levels were depleting by Sunday but we had to buck up because there was more fun to be had. It involved a nice, kid-free bridal shower for me and a not-as-nice but equally kid-free grocery shopping trip for my husband. Then it was time for some snowmobiling which was a first for us.

My oldest gal is learning to drive here and the boy behind her is being very patient with her slow pace. Thanks Liam, I’m sure it was painful for you!

2014-02-16 16.48.53

And Bella took her turn helping my boy figure things out. They went faster than Lil and Liam but I’m pretty sure Bella may have actually been in control of the throttle. Odin didn’t seem to mind!

2014-02-16 16.49.10

2014-02-17 16.10.33

Our chill day complete with tent building and movie watching

A little play time after snowmobiling and some takeout concluded our Sunday and by the time we tucked our kids in at their actual bedtime of 8pm we were ready to tuck ourselves in for the night as well. Phew! So much fun and good food packed into a long weekend. It’s the type of weekend we love but I’m glad every weekend isn’t this active or else I’d be worthless every Monday…and based on how I feel after this low-key day I’d say every Tuesday as well! Tomorrow may be another chill day, after hitting the gym of course!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did and if you were lucky enough to have today off as well I hope it was relaxing like ours!




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