Quote of the Day


We’re back from our week long vacation in Bucieras, Mexico which is just a few miles from Puerto Vallarta and we are trying to keep our sunny dispositions despite being back in the tundra, but more about our amazing vacation later.


The entryway to one of our two adjoining villas

For now, I’ll just share a quote from my oldest girl that sums up our mind set from the past week which occurred after a few hours of working on  our Valentine’s Day cards for school. My son started the conversation…

Odin: “I’m thirsty.”

Me: “Oh man, it’s been a long time since we’ve had something. What do you want, buddy? Lilly?”

Lilly: “Ummm, I’ll have a margarita.”


Where’s our house boy to offer and make us drinks again and again!?!

I guess it’s back to being the head servant in the household. Wamp Wahhh!!


Colleen I-Don’t-Even-Have-Tan-Lines Bailey



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