Coffee I’m Crazy About


Are you a coffee person? I never really was but now with three kids you’d better bet your patootie I am! I’m in love with Dirty Chai Lattes which is just a chai latte with a shot of espresso. It really gets me going though I save it as a special treat for days that I’m really dragging.

On a more regular basis I’ve been drinking various brands of coffee, not really loving any of them very much and always adding milk and sugar. Until recently that is. My daughter had yet another school fundraiser over the holidays and since I was feeling guilty for not participating in the 1,000 other fundraisers I bought my mom and myself each a 12oz bag of coffee. I picked a coffee from The Caring Bean order form called Jingle Bell Java because it was the holidays and I was hoping that it would allow me to adequately jingle my bells all day long with the kids throughout the quickly approaching Winter break.


As it turns out, I absolutely LOVE this coffee. It’s rich and smooth tasting without being bitter and I no longer feel the need to add milk and sugar to make my daily cup of Joe palatable. My mom flew through her bag because she drinks more coffee than I do but I’m still working on mine and you better believe I’ll be ordering more once this bag is gone. It sells for about $15 per 12oz which you may think is expensive but I’ve been buying less coffee while I’m out and about and waiting instead until I get home to make some so I think I make out in the long run.

You can check it out at if you’re not satisfied with your current coffee and want to try something wonderful.

You should know that my daughter’s school does not benefit in any way from your purchase and I am not being compensated for this post. I just wanted to share with you all a product I am enjoying on a daily basis.

Cheers to being relaxed, happy and energized!


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