Recent Sugar Art


I loved the Christmas cookies this year. 3 dozen were ordered and I sent 2 dozen to work with my brother where they blew the financial-centered minds of his colleagues.  I enjoyed my mid-day call from my brother and his coworkers asking sugar-related questions.


A few weeks later I whipped up the Spiderman cookies for my son’s 4th birthday party.


The most recent set of cookies were much less extravagant than the others but that’s mainly because I ran out of piping bags and had to resort to using bottles instead so the detail work was lacking. My sister and I surprised my mom on her birthday at work with a bunch for the nursing floor, some were sent to a friend in Washington who just had her 3rd baby boy and the rest were divvied up between other family and friends.


My mom was over last night and she asked if I had any cookies on hand because she said that they’re the only thing that makes her happy aside from her grandbabies. Goodness! What a compliment.  Guess I’d better keep baking. We like a happy grandma!!!

Happy Friday!




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