Lunch Date


Today was a special day that my oldest and I hadDSC05687  been looking forward to for the past few days. It was eat-lunch-with-your-student day, and thanks to my SIL who managed to pick up my son from school with our youngest children in tow, I was able to eat lunch with my favorite kindergartener. It took her two solid days to decide on what her special lunch should be and in the end she picked a turkey, salami and cheese sandwich from Subway, except I got it from Jimmy John’s because I pass one on the way to her school. After getting a huge smile and hug from my girl I handed her the bag of food and she said, “I thought I said Subway?”

“You did, sweet child, but Jimmy John’s is what you get,” I replied with a chuckle and she shrugged her shoulders and started stuffing her face. It cracks me up what kids concentrate on and anyways, Jimmy John’s is way better than Subway, just for the record. She even got Sprite and chips to which she said to our tablemates, “It’s because it’s a really special day.”

I sat there watching the crumbs pile up on her sweet face and shirt for the short 15 minutes we had together and there was no where else in the world I would have rather been. I remember when my mom came to lunch in elementary school and how special I felt having her sandwiched between me and my twin. These are the moments our kids remember forever. I hope I do as well.

I hope you’re eating lunch soon with a special someone too! It’s the best!!!



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  1. Today Ben’s lunch of choice was Panda Express…He likes noodles and I always go for the rice. He picked orange chicken then gleefully ate my honey walnut shrimp. We decided our steak was “Oh too spicy for us!!!” and then shared more orange chicken and rice with Ben’s Mommy!!! It’s the best of both world’s….lunch with my baby girl AND her little man! Enjoy every minute as they are passing quicker than you can ever imagine! ❤ ~Cathy

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