“I’m A Big Kid” Day at the Baileys


You know you have a toddler when…

It was 5:30am. My son peed his bed for the first time in a few weeks and so we were up. The littlest lady of the household made her presence known a solid hour earlier than usual at 6am and then we were really up. It was time to start the day and so I dragged my butt out of bed and proceeded with the usual routine of carelessly throwing my hair into a braid, donning some workout clothes and trying to dress my wild and naked goons as they scampered up and down the hallway hootin’ and hollerin’.

Then my baby who isn’t a baby anymore did her first summersault. Naked. Not her first naked summersault, just her first summersault, ever, while naked. We cheered, obviously. Then I strapped a diaper to her butt and tried to get her to do it again. She couldn’t…or maybe she wouldn’t just to spite me. She’d do something like that because she’s our ALG (angry little girl.)

Moments after showing us her gymnastics prowess she walked down our wooden stairs without holding on to the railing. That’s when I realized it was “I’m A Big Kid Day” in the Bailey house and I need to have another baby because the one I thought I had suddenly grew up.

Just to hit home the fact that she has graduated to pure toddlerdom, today while tickling her mercilessly I noticed her two bottom incisors just cut through. This kind of explains the recent ALG and early waking behavior noted above…

So what exactly are you supposed to do with this information I just laid out for you? Nothing really, but just remember this post in 3 months when I inevitably announce to the world that I’m pregnant with Bailey baby #4 and know that I was forced to have another baby because my current one decided to grow up and become a big kid.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow isn’t “I’m A Kindergartener Acting Like A Teenager” Day. Oh wait, that’s every day!

Night Night!!!



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