A Little Frozen Fun



Last week in the ridiculously cold weather we blew bubbles into the air and watched as they froze into a crystal ball and floated to the ground where they remained intact long enough to snap some pics. Of course we didn’t actually venture out into the elements but instead we blew the bubbles from our doorstep, watched them for a moment and then shut the door to warm ourselves before repeating the process over and over again.


DSC05472That black spot behind the frozen sphere is our bubble-consuming canine, Dragon. He was itching to interfere with our experiment but obediently listened to my commands that he keep his furry paws off our front entryway to avoid the wrath of Mommy. Smart doggie!

I must say I’m happier with this balmy 40 degree weather we’re experiencing right now although it was fun to play a little with the obscenely low temperatures last week. Since it’s warmed up the snow is finally become good packing snow so before it all melts I think I’ll go make some snowballs and attack my children. I just figure I’d better take advantage of being bigger, stronger and faster than them now since it won’t always be this way! My oldest is almost 6 already!

Hope you’re enjoying the warmer temps!







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