How A Kindergartener Plans His Shenanigans


My son received a letter in the mail the other day from our 6 year old neighbor boy and I think it’s the single best piece of mail that has ever been delivered to our home. What do you think?


I love this little neighbor boy and I love that he took the time to write this letter to his co-conspirator! And just look at that picture he drew…pretty solid for a kindergartener! I can only image what shenanigans these boys will scheme up in the future but I can be certain that they’ll be well thought out and bugger the heck out of my daughter.

When I read the note I thought it was a pretty sneaky way for the boys to be plotting together against my oldest girl. The motivation for this letter came from earlier in the week when I had told the boys that they could play with the toy snake but I didn’t want to find it hiding in my bed! However, I did mention that I would be perfectly fine if they felt the need to hide it in one of my daughters’ beds

When my husband read this note without knowing, or caring, about the backstory he cracked up just as you might have done. Get your minds out of the gutter people, they’re just children for Heaven’s sake!

But really, how awesome is this letter?!? It’s going in my son’s forever box and when this little neighbor boy and my daughter end up going to prom together ten years down the road her daddy is going to have to bring out this letter and have a conversation with this particular boy about snakes and beds and his baby girl!

Ahhh, life is magical.

Happy Sunday,





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