My Favorite Pics of 2013


I was inspired by a friend to post my top 13 pictures from 2013. Whereas she’s a legit photographer I am certainly not. Be this as it may, I still love my pics and hope you enjoy some of them yourself. So here they are:


1. This beautiful lady is my grandmother who so adores her grandchildren more than anything in this world. It’s why I take them to see her at least every 2 weeks and her love for them is written all over her face.

DSC011762. Our 11 year old dog, Doc, loves his mommy and a good nose rub. I’m sure going to miss this face some day!

DSC024483. My first born girl. She’s simply incredible and I love the pure thrill of her expression.

DSC028084. There’s never a dull moment with the Bailey family and it’s no joke that these grandparents enjoy their grandbabies no matter their emotional state.

DSC026235. Our dog, Dragon, is a bubble popping fool. He plays like a maniac and sleeps loyally at the foot of my son’s bed.

DSC025926. Gross, I know, considering it’s on a Metra train but so hysterical none the less.

DSC013787. Possibly my favorite of the year. My baby is wearing the dress that Grammy made for me when I was 1 year old.

DSC038628. Partners in crime. The End.

DSC019049. Intense and a little goofy. He’s our underrated best friend.

DSC0376410. My two best guys. I should edit this one to make it better but aside from that it’s magical for me. Just a little boy dreaming of being like his Daddy.

DSC0399311. During her ALG (angry little girl) phase. Also, she hated the sand and wouldn’t leave the towel. She makes my heart swell.

DSC0424012. My FIL is hopelessly devoted to being his grandchildren’s best friends and enjoys being with them even when they’re begging for their mama.


13. She can be dramatic, convincing, hysterical and insightful and I’m certain her future will be exciting just as she is.

These were my favorite photos of the 3800 I took this  year although I just realized that number does not include the 1500 that are one my phone’s camera roll. I may have to do a smartphone version of this post because there are some pretty great ones buried in those 1500 pictures.

Just a thought: Maybe I take too many photos… Lately my husband likes to quote some study he read which says that people who take more photos remember fewer of their actual life events. I just think he doesn’t like it when I take photos of him but maybe taking fewer pictures would help when it comes to making my yearly family photobook which is a daunting project on my plate right now…

It’s hard to take fewer photos though when I find my kids to be so darn cute and entertaining!

Life is good. Cherish it whether or not you photograph it!




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