Zombies, Sibling Love and Child Angst


So I haven’t been writing very much lately but now that the holidays and my son’s 4th birthday have passed I feel like I can finally steal some time for the things I love to do, like share goofy stories with you. Here are a few happenings that occurred over the past week or so that I think are share-worthy…

– A few nights ago I wrapped up some birthday cookie baking/decorating around midnight and then I helped my main squeeze finished a bunch of his paperwork. He probably would have been done earlier but he was simultaneously watching a DSC01185zombie movie, 28 Days Later, which I’m told has the best premise for a potential zombie apocalypse. Whatever…

So, yeah, we finally threw ourselves into bed a little after 1am and of course just as I’m entering some solid sleep, not 2 hours later, my old-man dog, Doc, felt the need to wake my ass up. Apparently he needed to go out and forgot (read: didn’t give a rats patooty) that there is a perfectly good doggie door downstairs. OK old man, I’ll let ya out but only because you’re not gonna be around too much longerI thought as I rolled out of bed and let him out. Plus, no one likes to be woken up to the sound of a dog peeing, or worse, on the carpet at 3am! I know this for a fact.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

I climb back under the covers and get settled and just as soon as I do I hear my husband say, “We need to decide who we’re going to kill first.” And then silence. WHOA creep-bag, was my initial reaction and what I should have whispered into the ear of my sleeping husband was, “Not your wife,” but instead I just rolled my eyes, turned over and thought, stupid zombies.

And so goes the life of a wife married to a zombie movie loving man.

Next scenario…

-I was cleaning up the kitchen while my kids made their way into the basement to play. DSC05457My son was escorting his little sis down the stairs and as I happen to walk by the basement door unannounced my son whispers to his baby sis, “You’re my best friend.” Yep, that was it for me. My heart was a puddle on the floor and I thought, Man we must be doing things right or something. Don’t get me wrong though, this house is far from being all kumbaya and I’m certain that as soon as the kids got to the bottom of the stairs and into the trampoline all doting behavior vanished and it was every munchkin for themselves. Let’s just say it was nice to witness a genuine, tender moment, especially one that wasn’t meant for me.

And the final happenstance to share with you all this evening…

– Prior to Christmas my son and eldest daughter ignored my requests that they stop acting like maniacs on their Great Grammy’s couch (although Grammy had no problem with their antics.) My request became a demand once I saw they had placed the ottoman on the couch. My daughter didn’t like my tone and developed a case of the uglies. We promptly left Grammy’s and finally by the time I put my daughter to bed 1 1/2 hours later she had altered her attitude enough to discuss things. She became exasperated trying to defend herself after I told her that I didn’t care if her Grammy said it was okay because she was tired, that sort of behavior was unacceptable and always will be no matter her energy level. She proceeded to throw herself on her pillow and dramatically huffed, “This is just like the beginning of Lilo and Stitch!” [It’s my favorite movie and I think we watched it a million times together when she was younger. If you haven’t seen this movie or don’t know what the heck I’m even talking about my daughter was referring to the part in the movie where the older sister (guardian to her younger sister, Lilo, after their parents die in a car accident) fights with Lilo about following rules etc.] Anyways, I laughed out loud because it was such a stellar parallel and so out of the blue since we haven’t watched that movie in about a year. The things kids hold in their minds is simply awesome.

Then not too long after that exchange, after I stopped chuckling because she said it wasn’t funny and got defensive again, she said, “I just didn’t plan my life to be like this.”

I chuckled on the inside this time and replied, “You didn’t plan your life kiddo, I made you.”

“No,” she retorted very matter-of-factly, “I planned things for my life while I was in your belly.” DSC05024

Wow! So that’s what I’m up against, is what I thought but all I could vocalize was a flabbergasted, “…interesting.” She blows my mind on a regular basis with the things that come out of her mouth.

Immediately following my reply she changed her tone from a little hostile to a little mystical and stated, “I’m magical.”

“Magical?” I questioned making sure I’d heard her correctly.

“Yes.”… “Don’t tell anyone.” she insisted looking away from me off into the night sky.

“O.K,” I said accepting what she had just disclosed to me.  And then I told everybody.

(Sorry kiddo, I hope some day if you read back on these posts and see this you’ll forgive me for sharing your special secret. It was just too special not to share! You amaze me daily and I love you!)

And at that moment her daddy came home and she all but dismissed me to go to sleep. It was a whirl-wind experience and I definitely had a beer after bedtime as I recounted our evening to her daddy and wrote down notes so I could adequately type up this exchange now.


Well, there you have it! These are the moments that make up my life and keep me smiling through it all. I’m so lucky to spend so much time with these ragamuffins and my zombie-loving husband who adores me. I hope you got a kick out of a story or two or at least maybe a smirk. Oh, and if you’ve never seen it you should watch Lilo and Stitch with your favorite little person. By yourself would be totally acceptable too!

I look forward to sharing more silly stories with you throughout this upcoming year.




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