New Things That Are Rocking Our World


  Now that it’s a few weeks past Christmas and we’ve had ample time to play with our new toys and gadgets I’ve determined the best gifts from 2013. There were some that were hits which I highlight here, some that were well received and get respectable attention from us and others that have become just another toy on the shelf or in the huge bin of unloved stuff (poor toys!)

Here’s what’s been keeping us occupied since we can’t go play in the snow:


We gave these suction cup-like toys to our 1 1/2 year old munchkin and she’s been loving them, especially when we stick them to the window or her forehead.


What’s better than new, challenging puzzles for a 4 year old puzzle-aholic? Besides movies and sugar cookies, not much. All the new puzzles are keeping my little man intrigued and busy when he’s not screaming and running through the house like a banshee.












Meet Saige, our newest American Girl Doll, and her horse, Sally, thoughtfully named by her 5 year old owner. Santa really nailed it this year! He didn’t even know when he set that horse aside for my girl that she was going to pick out the matching American Girl Doll when she took her annual trip to Chicago with her Grandma. It made for a very magical Christmas morning.


DSC05511We’ve been exploring our world with our new microscope. It’s been fun discovering that salt and sugar look like cubes and pepper looks like miniature rocks. We’ve checked out the mini Abe Lincoln on the backside of a penny and giggled at all the hair on a worker bee’s mouth and legs.

DSC05512Santa and Grandma both brought my best little guy remote control cars. We had a very happy little boy Christmas morning and as a bonus, these are a hit with my younger daughter too who loves to pick up the remotes and see what she can do.

DSC05505As for myself, my Sonos sound system has been used every day, almost all day long since I got my first speaker on my birthday just a week before Christmas. I was lucky enough to receive a few more for Christmas so now I can jam out whether I’m in the basement with the kids, working in the kitchen or folding laundry in my bedroom. I can group all speakers to play the same music or I can play different tunes on each speaker. For instance, I can play “hardcore” music in the basement for the kids while staying sane with my country music upstairs. It’s wonderful and the sound quality is the best!


sleep number pillow

My other favorite present was a Sleep Number Coolfit Foam Pillow from the guy who had to hear me complain about my shitty pillows every night preceding Christmas. It’s magical and my husband is awesome. Being in bed has always been my favorite place to be and now it’s even better! Just talking about it makes me want to crawl in bed and take a nap.


So that about sums it up on the home front though I didn’t include books. The kids received a ton of awesome books so maybe I should showcase our new favorites in another post. We love to read and these new stories have made our night time reading session a lot of fun.

What were Christmas winners at your home? My 5-year old gal turns 6 in March. Any ideas?




**I’d better mention that I was not compensated in any way for the advertisements of the products highlighted in this post (this blog is not that well trafficked after all!) They are just awesome and I wanted to share that fact with you all.


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