Calling All Laundry Elves!


elf doing laundry

At some point during our -12 degree day (not accounting for wind-chill which took temps into the -40s) I remember hearing some strange, loud noises but I didn’t know where they were coming from so I continued doing nothing and everything all at once with my three children. Tonight I figured out it was my kitchen window cracking because of the cold. Stellar, right? Also, my drier broke today but maybe just because it sucks and not because of the cold. We’ll see tomorrow when the maintenance guy comes.

Oh well, could be worse. At least the window didn’t shatter and now I get a break from laundry. The idea of paying the cleaners to do my 7 or 8 current loads is very enticing… (Hunny, when you finally have clean socks and boxers in 2 days just ignore the fact that you read this and believe that the laundry elves, whom I swear I ordered years ago and continually curse, finally showed up. OK? Great! Love you.)

So what about you? How has this freeze inconvenienced your life?  Are your kids driving you insane because they’re not back at school yet? Any fun stories? I’d love to hear them, especially if you’re trapped in prison your home with Wild Ones running amok, not that that’s how I feel right now or anything…

Yours truly,

Colleen I’m-not-shaving-my-legs-until-it-warms-up-because-what’s-the-point Bailey


*Photo credit: Vernon Grant. Elf doing laundry, before 1930. Gouache over graphite underdrawing. Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress LC-DIG-ppmsca-07924 (48)


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