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Our Snow Day of Sickness


Instead of having a fun, friend-filled day off of school our house was in a self-imposed state of quarantine.

This was my baby yesterday…

2014-01-27 08.50.34 2014-01-27 10.25.24 2014-01-27 12.46.15

She had a terrible time Sunday night combating a high fever, severe cough and runny nose. Thanks to the cough she woke up every 20-30 minutes and since she was sleeping in my bed her daddy and I were up every 20-30 minutes as well.

Then her brother puked in his bed and suddenly there four of us shuffling around for blanket use and pillow space.

Correction— There were actually only two of us shuffling around for blanket use and pillow space because, let’s be real, our sickly wee ones don’t really give a rats behind who they’re inconveniencing with their perpendicularly placed bodies and sprawling appendages as long as they are comfortable and able to sleep. And if we’re being “real” here, then you should know that I actually don’t mind playing blanket tug-o-war with my husband as long as my sweet babies sleep.

But then my son puked for a second time…in my bed.

Needless to say yesterday was a bit hairy. My son actually has been totally fine since he puked but his sleep-deprived, body-aching little sister needed to be in my arms all day, thus the photos of her misery. What else was I suppose to do throughout the day while getting my upper body workout?

Magically this little lady rallied in the evening and has been doing much better. She slept in my bed again but only woke up a few times. This is the happy, healthy (well healthier) toddler I’m use to seeing at the start of my day…

2014-01-28 07.58.00


Oh, I failed to mention that yesterday my washing machine decided to give me the middle finger and so you know those puke-covered sheets and clothes from Sunday night… well, they’re not clean yet even though they were washed twice. And then my older kids stripped down my toddler before her shower and she pooped on my carpet. Monday in the Bailey house was just lovely.

Today is proving to be amazingly better although my dog did confiscate a package that was delivered for our upcoming vacation and used it as an outdoor chew toy.  Luckily nothing was ruined by his shenanigans!

2014-01-28 12.22.31

Also, I freely admit I did a crap-tacular job training my dog and my punishment is never ending.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!

~ Colleen





Coffee I’m Crazy About


Are you a coffee person? I never really was but now with three kids you’d better bet your patootie I am! I’m in love with Dirty Chai Lattes which is just a chai latte with a shot of espresso. It really gets me going though I save it as a special treat for days that I’m really dragging.

On a more regular basis I’ve been drinking various brands of coffee, not really loving any of them very much and always adding milk and sugar. Until recently that is. My daughter had yet another school fundraiser over the holidays and since I was feeling guilty for not participating in the 1,000 other fundraisers I bought my mom and myself each a 12oz bag of coffee. I picked a coffee from The Caring Bean order form called Jingle Bell Java because it was the holidays and I was hoping that it would allow me to adequately jingle my bells all day long with the kids throughout the quickly approaching Winter break.


As it turns out, I absolutely LOVE this coffee. It’s rich and smooth tasting without being bitter and I no longer feel the need to add milk and sugar to make my daily cup of Joe palatable. My mom flew through her bag because she drinks more coffee than I do but I’m still working on mine and you better believe I’ll be ordering more once this bag is gone. It sells for about $15 per 12oz which you may think is expensive but I’ve been buying less coffee while I’m out and about and waiting instead until I get home to make some so I think I make out in the long run.

You can check it out at if you’re not satisfied with your current coffee and want to try something wonderful.

You should know that my daughter’s school does not benefit in any way from your purchase and I am not being compensated for this post. I just wanted to share with you all a product I am enjoying on a daily basis.

Cheers to being relaxed, happy and energized!

Recent Sugar Art


I loved the Christmas cookies this year. 3 dozen were ordered and I sent 2 dozen to work with my brother where they blew the financial-centered minds of his colleagues.  I enjoyed my mid-day call from my brother and his coworkers asking sugar-related questions.


A few weeks later I whipped up the Spiderman cookies for my son’s 4th birthday party.


The most recent set of cookies were much less extravagant than the others but that’s mainly because I ran out of piping bags and had to resort to using bottles instead so the detail work was lacking. My sister and I surprised my mom on her birthday at work with a bunch for the nursing floor, some were sent to a friend in Washington who just had her 3rd baby boy and the rest were divvied up between other family and friends.


My mom was over last night and she asked if I had any cookies on hand because she said that they’re the only thing that makes her happy aside from her grandbabies. Goodness! What a compliment.  Guess I’d better keep baking. We like a happy grandma!!!

Happy Friday!



Lunch Date


Today was a special day that my oldest and I hadDSC05687  been looking forward to for the past few days. It was eat-lunch-with-your-student day, and thanks to my SIL who managed to pick up my son from school with our youngest children in tow, I was able to eat lunch with my favorite kindergartener. It took her two solid days to decide on what her special lunch should be and in the end she picked a turkey, salami and cheese sandwich from Subway, except I got it from Jimmy John’s because I pass one on the way to her school. After getting a huge smile and hug from my girl I handed her the bag of food and she said, “I thought I said Subway?”

“You did, sweet child, but Jimmy John’s is what you get,” I replied with a chuckle and she shrugged her shoulders and started stuffing her face. It cracks me up what kids concentrate on and anyways, Jimmy John’s is way better than Subway, just for the record. She even got Sprite and chips to which she said to our tablemates, “It’s because it’s a really special day.”

I sat there watching the crumbs pile up on her sweet face and shirt for the short 15 minutes we had together and there was no where else in the world I would have rather been. I remember when my mom came to lunch in elementary school and how special I felt having her sandwiched between me and my twin. These are the moments our kids remember forever. I hope I do as well.

I hope you’re eating lunch soon with a special someone too! It’s the best!!!


“I’m A Big Kid” Day at the Baileys


You know you have a toddler when…

It was 5:30am. My son peed his bed for the first time in a few weeks and so we were up. The littlest lady of the household made her presence known a solid hour earlier than usual at 6am and then we were really up. It was time to start the day and so I dragged my butt out of bed and proceeded with the usual routine of carelessly throwing my hair into a braid, donning some workout clothes and trying to dress my wild and naked goons as they scampered up and down the hallway hootin’ and hollerin’.

Then my baby who isn’t a baby anymore did her first summersault. Naked. Not her first naked summersault, just her first summersault, ever, while naked. We cheered, obviously. Then I strapped a diaper to her butt and tried to get her to do it again. She couldn’t…or maybe she wouldn’t just to spite me. She’d do something like that because she’s our ALG (angry little girl.)

Moments after showing us her gymnastics prowess she walked down our wooden stairs without holding on to the railing. That’s when I realized it was “I’m A Big Kid Day” in the Bailey house and I need to have another baby because the one I thought I had suddenly grew up.

Just to hit home the fact that she has graduated to pure toddlerdom, today while tickling her mercilessly I noticed her two bottom incisors just cut through. This kind of explains the recent ALG and early waking behavior noted above…

So what exactly are you supposed to do with this information I just laid out for you? Nothing really, but just remember this post in 3 months when I inevitably announce to the world that I’m pregnant with Bailey baby #4 and know that I was forced to have another baby because my current one decided to grow up and become a big kid.

Here’s to hoping tomorrow isn’t “I’m A Kindergartener Acting Like A Teenager” Day. Oh wait, that’s every day!

Night Night!!!


Monday Night Quiz


What do you do when your youngest love-bug does this at bedtime?…

A) Shove the virtually unused wetwipes back in the package for future use.

B) Make your toddler clean up her mess and throw them in the trash.

C) Call in reinforcements in the form of her siblings to help you scrub the dirty hallway walls and baseboards to avoid wasting perfectly good wipes and postpone bedtime by 20 minutes.

(Hint: As in college, if you aren’t certain of the answer, pick C.)

Ahhh, it’s nice to have clean walls. Well… at least the bottom 3 feet anyways.

Night night friends!

A Little Frozen Fun



Last week in the ridiculously cold weather we blew bubbles into the air and watched as they froze into a crystal ball and floated to the ground where they remained intact long enough to snap some pics. Of course we didn’t actually venture out into the elements but instead we blew the bubbles from our doorstep, watched them for a moment and then shut the door to warm ourselves before repeating the process over and over again.


DSC05472That black spot behind the frozen sphere is our bubble-consuming canine, Dragon. He was itching to interfere with our experiment but obediently listened to my commands that he keep his furry paws off our front entryway to avoid the wrath of Mommy. Smart doggie!

I must say I’m happier with this balmy 40 degree weather we’re experiencing right now although it was fun to play a little with the obscenely low temperatures last week. Since it’s warmed up the snow is finally become good packing snow so before it all melts I think I’ll go make some snowballs and attack my children. I just figure I’d better take advantage of being bigger, stronger and faster than them now since it won’t always be this way! My oldest is almost 6 already!

Hope you’re enjoying the warmer temps!