Before I Forget…



This is the monster that found its way home with us from my children’s grandparent’s house one day.

This is what went down at bedtime tonight involving myself and the monster per my son’s imagination.


O: He has big eyes.
(tangent about having huge eyes bigger than your head)

Me: Yup, and he also has big teeth and a big nose. It’s time for bed, Buddy. Good night.

O: My monster has a big penis too!

Me: Um, nope. Your monster doesn’t have a penis.

O: Yes he does and now his penis is on your head! (Throws imaginary monster penis onto my head)

Me: (while only cracking up on the inside as I remove myself from his bed and walk towards his door) I don’t want your monster’s penis! Ugh! (I throw imaginary monster penis back at my son)

Repeat exchange again and hastily exit room laughing to myself as I walk into my daughter’s room…

L: Why are you laughing?

Me: Because your brother was throwing imaginary monster penises at me.

L: Okay…

Me: I know!


I can’t make this shit up!



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