Been Laughing For Days Now


Children say funny shit. All the time. Half the time they don’t even know they are being funny. Usually it’s in one ear and out the other, leaving a brief smile across my face as their words fade away into oblivion but a recent blurb from my son has kept me in stitches since he offered up his own suggestion to a question asked by his older sister.

On our first day of snow Lil was fixated on all things cold and delicious.

The question:
“What is rainbow sherbet made of?”

My cousin Jessica said, “Um, cream?”

I myself was all confused because I was thinking cream too but was also thinking fruit juices and then I was just thinking about how dumb my 5 year old makes me feel on a regular basis with all her thoughtful questions.

This is when my 3 year old son pipes up and confidently states, “I tink wainbows,” while raising his eyebrows until they almost reach his hair line and nodding his head up and down as his blue eyes bore into mine.

For a second I almost believed him.

As if knowing I wanted to believe him he reinforced, “Yup, wainbows, I tink that,”

“Sounds good to me!” I say as Jess laughs and his sister points at him while making circular motions around her ear using her other hand, insinuating that he’s a bit off his rocker instead of a normal, silly 3 year old boy.

I love experiencing life through the minds of my kids.

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