Classic Fall Fun


In the past few days most of our leaves have fallen. As I was putting Ela down for a nap Odin took it upon himself to grab a rake and head outside to pile up those leaves. I went out to help him and as I raked he grabbed a large snow shovel to continue helping. We were just about done when our old man of a dog, Doc, decided to pee on our pile.


“That wasn’t very nice or funny. I didn’t even laugh at all!” Odin just explained to me for you all as he sits here helping me type this up.

Not wanting to have pee on his pants that wasn’t his own we remove the peed on leaves, added some more clean ones and then it was show time.


Odin took about a 30 yard running start, leapt into the pile, rolled out and demanded I pile them up so he could do it again and again and again.

After the eleventeenth time I finally persuaded him to come inside by enticing him with some chocolate milk but not before getting him to pose with my new wreath.




This wreath makes me happy but this boy makes my heart happy. What a goofball!

Now go rake yourself a pile of leaves, forget that you’re old and will probably strain a muscle and jump! You’ll be glad you did. I know I was.



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