Post-Halloween Sugar High


Despite the wet weather our Halloween was great. My oldest ended up going as a witch (no gory makeup needed…YES!) and of course I never did get a picture of all three kids together but I did get one of the whole family so that was a pleasant surprise, quite unlike the surprises my youngest experienced during her first Halloween of which she was aware. Being woken from her nap by her daddy in costume put her on edge for the evening and she was less than thrilled by the neighbor boy’s werewolf mask. She cried a little but was consoled by those that scared her and so in the end she was just fine. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about after all… stepping out of your comfort zone, willingly or not, and realizing that in the end you are just fine and maybe even a little more bold than before? I’d like to think so and that’s coming from a big scaredy pants.

 DSC04216  DSC04270  DSC04272 DSC04275

Anyways, now with Halloween over and all our spooky-fun things packed away until next year it’s time to switch gears and start thinking about Thanksgiving. I already know that I need a new wreath for my front door now that my festive Halloween one is gone and I’ve planned out how I’m going to make it. I also know that I need to seek out a good Thanksgiving book that I can read with my kids and start the conversation as to why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what they themselves are thankful for. They certainly shouldn’t have a hard time coming up with things. They are so fortunate it’s absurd.

You know who else is fortunate? These dinosaurs:


They didn’t even have to go out in the rain to get their candy. The little people that own them were kind enough to share, probably because they have more candy than they know what to do with. We’ve lived her for a few years now but I still can’t get over the amount of loot these kids rake in from a small number of houses (A small number compared to the rows and rows of houses we visited as kids.) I mean, check out all those full-sized candy bars laying on the table! DSC04373

They’re just 5 and 3 for goodness sakes. I’m scared for the future when all our children (those we currently have and those we plan to have) will be dragging in loads of sugary pleasure.

I’ll be forced to enact some kind of candy law.

What is your candy policy with your kids? Do you give them free reign or do you dole it out? Is your policy age-based? What do you do with all the left overs? Maybe we’ll have a rule that by Thanksgiving whatever is left gets tossed.

These are the questions that have been flooding my mind every time I snag a mini Twix before doing some Thanksgiving preparation so if you want to leave me a comment of advice please do so!

Cheers!  ~from a sugar-high mother, thankful that Thanksgiving does not center around the acquisition of candy bars~




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