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Before I Forget…



This is the monster that found its way home with us from my children’s grandparent’s house one day.

This is what went down at bedtime tonight involving myself and the monster per my son’s imagination.


O: He has big eyes.
(tangent about having huge eyes bigger than your head)

Me: Yup, and he also has big teeth and a big nose. It’s time for bed, Buddy. Good night.

O: My monster has a big penis too!

Me: Um, nope. Your monster doesn’t have a penis.

O: Yes he does and now his penis is on your head! (Throws imaginary monster penis onto my head)

Me: (while only cracking up on the inside as I remove myself from his bed and walk towards his door) I don’t want your monster’s penis! Ugh! (I throw imaginary monster penis back at my son)

Repeat exchange again and hastily exit room laughing to myself as I walk into my daughter’s room…

L: Why are you laughing?

Me: Because your brother was throwing imaginary monster penises at me.

L: Okay…

Me: I know!


I can’t make this shit up!


A Moment of Clarity


DSC04409I feel a little scatterbrained these days… and tired, sort of like the way this yellow and green turkey looks.

You too, you say?

I thought maybe that was the case and it makes me feel a little better that we’re all in the same boat more or less.

I’ve been trying to do less in an attempt to ward off these feelings but it always seems to backfire on me because no matter whether I’m over-extending myself or sluffing off I use up all my energies, both mental and physical, on my daily activities and then I’m spent. This morning I was feeling a little more off balance despite hitting the gym and getting some errands done, dragging my sweet girls in and out of stores before picking their brother up from preschool.DSC04407 I think it was the combination of wanting to spend quality time with my kiddos, take some personal time for exercise and accomplish important household tasks while keeping everyone happy, you know, the typical mom job sort of thing. I’m not saying I didn’t accomplish this all in the 2 1/2 hours between preschool drop-off and pick-up, I’m just saying it left me especially taxed.

But then my sweet boy came into the car, with his bright, mischievous smile and handed me a packet. Inside the packet was a collection of Thanksgiving crafts that he had worked on over the past week or so. As I pulled out each craft he eagerly pointed out his efforts and I felt calm and happy and so loved and in that moment I felt centered again. It was a moment so special and so needed and even though that centered feeling didn’t stay with me all day, as I look up at these labors of love now hanging in our home I am reminded of that moment and it makes me relax and smile and trudge through the witching hours of our days.


DSC04406I hope that you all are blessed with these little moments of clarity that put everything into perspective amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.

Wishing you all a calm and happy Thanksgiving!


Been Laughing For Days Now


Children say funny shit. All the time. Half the time they don’t even know they are being funny. Usually it’s in one ear and out the other, leaving a brief smile across my face as their words fade away into oblivion but a recent blurb from my son has kept me in stitches since he offered up his own suggestion to a question asked by his older sister.

On our first day of snow Lil was fixated on all things cold and delicious.

The question:
“What is rainbow sherbet made of?”

My cousin Jessica said, “Um, cream?”

I myself was all confused because I was thinking cream too but was also thinking fruit juices and then I was just thinking about how dumb my 5 year old makes me feel on a regular basis with all her thoughtful questions.

This is when my 3 year old son pipes up and confidently states, “I tink wainbows,” while raising his eyebrows until they almost reach his hair line and nodding his head up and down as his blue eyes bore into mine.

For a second I almost believed him.

As if knowing I wanted to believe him he reinforced, “Yup, wainbows, I tink that,”

“Sounds good to me!” I say as Jess laughs and his sister points at him while making circular motions around her ear using her other hand, insinuating that he’s a bit off his rocker instead of a normal, silly 3 year old boy.

I love experiencing life through the minds of my kids.

Happy Veteran’s Day!


029The rascals here at Baileyshenanigans are appreciative of our family members, friends and all the other service men and women of our country, both past and present, that have done their part to ensure a safe place for us to love, romp and grow. Thank you for the positive example you continually set for my children through your pride, strength and dedication to our country.

Happy Veteran’s Day to you all!

2013-09-28 16.38.22

My baby with one of her veteran aunties



Classic Fall Fun


In the past few days most of our leaves have fallen. As I was putting Ela down for a nap Odin took it upon himself to grab a rake and head outside to pile up those leaves. I went out to help him and as I raked he grabbed a large snow shovel to continue helping. We were just about done when our old man of a dog, Doc, decided to pee on our pile.


“That wasn’t very nice or funny. I didn’t even laugh at all!” Odin just explained to me for you all as he sits here helping me type this up.

Not wanting to have pee on his pants that wasn’t his own we remove the peed on leaves, added some more clean ones and then it was show time.


Odin took about a 30 yard running start, leapt into the pile, rolled out and demanded I pile them up so he could do it again and again and again.

After the eleventeenth time I finally persuaded him to come inside by enticing him with some chocolate milk but not before getting him to pose with my new wreath.




This wreath makes me happy but this boy makes my heart happy. What a goofball!

Now go rake yourself a pile of leaves, forget that you’re old and will probably strain a muscle and jump! You’ll be glad you did. I know I was.


Mommy Juggler Extraordinaire


It’s 3:45pm and my oldest daughter just got off the bus. Once inside we go upstairs to get her crying, nap-deprived sister out of her crib as her brother groggily shuffles in from the garage where he was finishing his car nap. I hold my needy toddler, set my kindergartener up in front of the computer to do her math work that she loves so much and position her brother behind her so he can watch her work.

Ten minutes later I have all three kids seated at the kitchen counter (probably whining about being hungry/thirsty/bored/annoyed but after 3 kids I now have selective hearing) and as I am about to begin making dinner as well as a Thanksgiving art project I realize the need to distract my in-house hurricane toddler from interfering with everything and everyone. Piece of cake.

Things are going well and as the rice simmers, Hurricane Baby is calm and building with Duplos and I am intructing her siblings on proper gluing techniques. I have a moment in which I now distinctly remember thinking Girl, you’re a pro! I was juggling dinner, crafting and toddler management without breaking a sweat.

By now you’re probably thinking: Dang! What a multi-tasker! She makes it look so easy!…

Then Hurricane Baby dumps all her Duplos off the counter. The CRASH makes us all jump.

(In hindsight, this was the beginning of the end of my stellar mother juggling though at the time I felt I could still be Supreme Mommy Juggler Extraordinaire. Foolish. I should have broken out the mini marshmallows…)

juggling motherhood

Instead, I decide Hurricane Baby needs to clean up her mess. Hurricane Baby decides that since she is now on the floor it’s a good time to rifle through the kitchen drawers as I turn my back to check the meal. As I navigate the kitchen, now booby-trapped with Duplos, tongs and spatulas, my oldest two can no longer agree on whose turn it is to wield the almighty glue stick but they do agree, based on smell and a quick sighting, that dinner sucks and they won’t under an circumstances eat it.

I sigh, steer Hurricane Baby away from the lower cabinets of dish soap and breakable dishes, twice, lock the darn child-locks, stub my toe on a plastic cup, snap at my lovelies now disguised as demon spawn and then stumble over all those theoretical balls I just dropped.

Then Hurricane Baby dumps the plastic bowl of uncooked rice (to be used later for exploring texture and such but at the moment it’s perfectly placed at the edge of the counter) over her head, into her mouth and all over the floor.

Hurrican Baby – 5

Mommy Juggler – 0

Well played, baby who is now crying because she does not enjoy the taste/texture of uncooked rice in her mouth.

What’s a mom to do when she falls so quickly from her juggling pedestal and finds herself with two whining demon children and a smaller one crying and clinging to her leg?

Laugh, of course, but only on the inside because demonic behavior shall not be encouraged. Then I grab some work out clothes, vacuum the dumped rice and usher Hurricane Baby and my still hungry demons into the car to sweat out my frustrations at the gym.

This scenario plays itself out over and over again in my household and I convince myself that this is normal.

It is normal, right?… Right?!?…

Either way, the kids keep me on my toes as I mediate what I expect myself to successfully facilitate for my family and what our reality allows. It’s fun and challenging and I am fully aware that less is often more but because I strive to give my kids all that I can I will inevitably find myself standing in a kitchen staring at wild children and imaginary dropped balls and loving every minute of it… at least in hindsight.


~Colleen ~ your loving, I-try-to-do-too-much-but-can’t-seem-to-help-it, stay-at-home-mom with a hyphen problem.

Also, I made a Fall wreath today! I’ll show you later though because now I must shower and sleep. XOXO

Post-Halloween Sugar High


Despite the wet weather our Halloween was great. My oldest ended up going as a witch (no gory makeup needed…YES!) and of course I never did get a picture of all three kids together but I did get one of the whole family so that was a pleasant surprise, quite unlike the surprises my youngest experienced during her first Halloween of which she was aware. Being woken from her nap by her daddy in costume put her on edge for the evening and she was less than thrilled by the neighbor boy’s werewolf mask. She cried a little but was consoled by those that scared her and so in the end she was just fine. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about after all… stepping out of your comfort zone, willingly or not, and realizing that in the end you are just fine and maybe even a little more bold than before? I’d like to think so and that’s coming from a big scaredy pants.

 DSC04216  DSC04270  DSC04272 DSC04275

Anyways, now with Halloween over and all our spooky-fun things packed away until next year it’s time to switch gears and start thinking about Thanksgiving. I already know that I need a new wreath for my front door now that my festive Halloween one is gone and I’ve planned out how I’m going to make it. I also know that I need to seek out a good Thanksgiving book that I can read with my kids and start the conversation as to why we celebrate Thanksgiving and what they themselves are thankful for. They certainly shouldn’t have a hard time coming up with things. They are so fortunate it’s absurd.

You know who else is fortunate? These dinosaurs:


They didn’t even have to go out in the rain to get their candy. The little people that own them were kind enough to share, probably because they have more candy than they know what to do with. We’ve lived her for a few years now but I still can’t get over the amount of loot these kids rake in from a small number of houses (A small number compared to the rows and rows of houses we visited as kids.) I mean, check out all those full-sized candy bars laying on the table! DSC04373

They’re just 5 and 3 for goodness sakes. I’m scared for the future when all our children (those we currently have and those we plan to have) will be dragging in loads of sugary pleasure.

I’ll be forced to enact some kind of candy law.

What is your candy policy with your kids? Do you give them free reign or do you dole it out? Is your policy age-based? What do you do with all the left overs? Maybe we’ll have a rule that by Thanksgiving whatever is left gets tossed.

These are the questions that have been flooding my mind every time I snag a mini Twix before doing some Thanksgiving preparation so if you want to leave me a comment of advice please do so!

Cheers!  ~from a sugar-high mother, thankful that Thanksgiving does not center around the acquisition of candy bars~