Trickster or Treat Fiend?


For my husband, Halloween is all about the once-a-year opportunity to scare little kids without major repercussions. Sure he’ll still elicit a scowl from a few mothers (most dad’s find it hilarious) as they comfort their dear children but mostly being scared on Halloween is excepted and those that wish to play tricks are allowed to do so.

For myself, Halloween is about the treats. That’s really a no-brainer. I love to go rifling through my kids’ loot once they’ve gone to bed Halloween night and I especially love to sneak around the corner the day after Halloween, stuff my face full of Twix bars and then as I’m using my tongue to remove the caramel stuck on my molars, forbid my children from consuming anything but vegetables. It’s awesome being a mom around Halloween time!

But really I love being the source of delicious treats. I spent the last three days working on 13 dozen sugar cookies for various occasions over the next three days. In case you were wondering what 13 dozen cookies looks like…


I designated 5 dozen for tomorrow, 5 dozen for my MIL’s fundraiser on Friday and 3 dozen for my mom’s church fundraiser this weekend.

I’m really happy with the way they turned out although the leaves don’t really excite me but at 11 pm after 12 hours in the kitchen…well…something had to give. It’s just a good thing they taste great (I know because I may have sampled a few too many broken broom sticks!)

DSC04182 DSC04178

Somehow I missed the jack-o-lantern in the photo shoot.


The owl is my favorite and was by far the trickiest to make (possibly due to the late hour at which I was tackling him.)


I’m also partial to the spider web.


I must confess that I can not take any credit for the artistic nature of my cookies. Nothing here is original. It’s very rare that I have a great design idea and whip it up. Rather, I Google what I’m looking for and scroll the images until I find something that’s been posted that I wish to replicate. I know my limitations and work with resources made available by the artistically inclined people of the interwebs. Thank you Pinterest and Google Images!

Anyways, I look forward to doning all our rain gear tomorrow and taking my little witch/zombie princess (she hasn’t decided yet), Spiderman and Cinderella traipsing through our neighborhood getting spooked on occasion and raking in loads of that sugary goodness.

Whether you are a trickster on Halloween or a fiend for treats I hope you have a spooktacular day!



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