Have you ever had one of those moments where you meet a complete stranger and after a little while you uncover a series of similarities between the two of you that is just too weird for words? A moment that gives you goosebumbs, despite the fact that you’re actually sweating, and leaves you with the urge to tell anyone that will listen about what you just discovered about each other? Yes? No? Well, this just happened to me last Saturday so let me tell ya about it.

So, Saturday I found myself juggling my 3  year old son and 1 year old daughter at a birthday party for a girl in my son’s preschool class. I know a few of the parents and I would have been socializing with them but instead I was trying for 35 minutes (I’m not exaggerating here) to get my son to play with the other kids and stop scowling/looking mopey as my one year old was climbing all over me. Finally after two bites of pizza, two juice boxes and a few M&M’s he changed his tune and ran around like the happy (read: sugar high) little boy I know him to be.


So then, as I attempted to compose myself, finish feeding my little girl and eat some pizza myself  I had a moment to introduce myself to the mom who had sat with her children at our table. We of course started talking about our kids and when she mentioned her three kids were spaced roughly two years apart I said, “Me too.”

We then got to talking about having siblings and she mentioned that she is a twin to which I said, “Haha! Me too!”

That got us talking about our twins and where they live and what they are doing. She casually mentioned that their birthday was coming up but it was always a pretty big occasion because they have a younger sibling that was born on their birthday. That’s when I got the chills and all but yelled, “ME TOO!”

At this point we were so overwhelmed by the crazy parallels in our lives. To have three kids spaced apart the same was cool. To both be twins was funny. To also both have younger siblings born on our birthdays was just down right astonishing.

And then I learned she also went to UIC for college! At that point all I could say was, “Shut up! Oh my gosh!” That was just too much and as the goosebumps lingered I started to tear up a little. It was possibly the strangest moment of my life and once the shock of all that we uncovered about ourselves wore off we felt the need to tell many of the other adults at the party of our unusual similarities. I left that party feeling like this stranger was an old friend instead of just a mere acquaintance and I can’t help but wonder if as our lives unfold there won’t be any more coincidences that play out but I’ll most likely never know.

Life sure can be strange!


Has anything like this ever happened to you? If so, I’d love for you to share your story with me in the comments.





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