Do You Dare Come Knocking?


This guy has taken up residence at our home since Monday2013-10-16 11.22.29. We decided against a delightful Fall scarecrow and went with something a little more nightmare-ish this year. Did we hit the mark?

As it turns out, this guy has already startled me on multiple occasions over the past four days and I’ve been told he has agitated a dog or two in the neighborhood as well. On Tuesday as I was pulling into our cul-de-sac the red sweatshirt caught my eye and made me anxious that a stranger was at our house until I quickly realized it was our creepy scarecrow. You’d think that since I’m the genius who put him in our driveway that I would remember doing so and not be alarmed each time I glance towards my garage doors and see a large, red-shirted creep looming in the distance but no, I flinch almost every time.

This is probably because I’m such a wuss. I hate masks and I hate being scared but I try to cowgirl up for the Halloween season so my kids don’t make fun of me. I’m a fearless mother of three after all… right? Right? Right!

Happy Spooking!



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