A Visit to the Principal’s Office…


Lilly was called down to the principal’s office on Friday but she wasn’t in trouble, rather she was selected as Panther of the Month for October because she ROARs! 2013-10-11 16.56.09

What does ROAR stand for? Well, at Lil’s school it stands for the four positive behavior characteristics that they deem most important. They believe students should act Respectfully, take Ownership, display a positive Attitude, and show Responsibility (R.O.A.R.)

Teachers and bus drivers can hand out ROAR awards to students that they think exemplify these characteristics. Lil has received a few since the start of school and is eager to continue on this path in hopes of rivaling one of her older neighborhood friends to see who can collect the most ROARS over the course of the year. I think she’s off to a good start!

Getting Panther of the Month was really special for her and we are very proud of our little Kindergartener. This is what her teachers submitted when they nominated Lilly:

Lilly always does what she is supposed to do! She is respectful, kind and a good listener. Lilly is a good friend to others. She is a great example of a student that ROARS!

Way to go Lilly-Bear!


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