Thursday Snapshot


Hardly a day goes by that I don’t snap a quick photo of my kids using my phone. The quality of these photos typically aren’t great or even good but they chronicle the little moments of my day that make me smile, laugh or roll my eyes. There are hundreds upon hundreds of these photos that I’ve stored on Dropbox and, although I do go through and cull out the collection from time to time, I can’t help but wonder what the point is of keeping so many photos of my favorite little minons.

Is anyone ever going to look through them and enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the moment in which the photo was taken? When my children are grown will I scroll through old photos of them and remember all the shenanigans?


And then again, maybe not.

For now, keeping a photo record like this helps to remind myself of the sweet moments that happen amidst the chaos of our days and when I’m feeling sentimental, overwhelmed or in need of a quick smile I just click on our Dropbox account and relive a few precious moments from days past. These were from today:

I hope you’re enjoying little moments like these too! Cheers!

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