What Do You Do When…


What do you do when your kid has the day off of school and you’ve rounded up a few neighbor kids for the day AND it happens to be the best season of the year?

Here’s what you do:

1. You make pumpkin pancakes that’s what you do. Don’t forget the chocolate chips though, it make the children happy.

2013-10-03 12.47.17


2. You make caramel apples and coat them with lots of delicious toppings. Who cares if the candy and caramel pools at the bottom while they cool in the fridge. That’s the best part to eat anyways!


2013-09-28 15.40.33                              DSC04084

3. You bake some muffins filled with carrot, apple, zucchini and walnuts. It helps if you have an eager chef-in-training to help you and some fun Halloween themed wrappers and toppers.

DSC04081         2013-10-03 14.56.34


4. You sit down with your crew and eat half of your caramel-candy coated apple (yes, just half because I’m mean like that and no kid needs THAT much sugar while at my house) and watch a movie, that’s what you do.

DSC04074 DSC04078 DSC04076 DSC04080

Well, you try to sit through a movie but thanks to the sugar (or poor choice in movie) you end up wandering around, building epic train tracks, feeding the baby snacks and playing nicely with the neighbor kids while simultaneously annoying the shit out of your siblings.

DSC04094 DSC04090









Sounds like a pretty successful 7 hours, right?

Let’s do it again tomorrow. Who’s in?

Maybe I’d better get more apples…

…and some sleep.




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