Apples, Apples, We’ve Got Apples!


So you know how in my last post I mentioned I was in need of more apples? Well, I acquired a few.


Today we went apple picking and since we were required to pay admission for everyone entering the orchard even if you didn’t want to pick a peck we ended up with 4, 1/2 peck bags.


There is just something about a toddler in an orchard that speaks to me.



I have never used long apple picking sticks before and let’s just say more apples ended up on the ground thanks to this contraption. I was certain one of us were going to get railed by an out-of-control child eagerly raking the tree for apples but we avoided that scenario much to my surprise.

We finished up by buying apple cider donuts (because how can you not?!?) and ate them in the car. Grandma gave my baby a donut and she of course loved it bit I still don’t know why I had to clean up the mess! I needed 4 wet wipes just to clean off her sugar and cinnamon coated cheeks. It was worth it!

Now I get to start churning out delicious apple treats. Crock pot apple sauce and an apple pie are first on my list. Let’s get baking!



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