We’re in full blown soccer mode these days. It’s Lil’s second season playing soccer with her dad as her coach and the difference in her skills and confidence from the start of the Spring season to now is striking. She’s more aggressive and although at this age the boys mostly dominate the game she is now holding her own against them. This past Saturday we had a game and she scored her first goal ever! We’ll ignore the fact that it was more along the lines of a right-place-right-time goal and less of a dribble-shoot-score goal but hey, sometimes it’s all about the assist, even when it’s the other team helping you out!

Bottom line: When you’re 5, a goal is a goal and my girl scored one!

Of course I didn’t see it because I was escorting her Great Grammy to the field but I could hear the cheers from the parking lot. She had quite the cheering squad consisting of siblings, grandparents, aunts, great aunts and cousins. We were all having a fun Fall day together in honor of my dad’s birthday and I can’t imagine a better game for Lil to have scored her first goal.

2013-09-28 11.44.07

Lil’s cheering squad minus a few


I’m curious to see if Lil remembers that her dad promised they’d do something special if she scored a goal and hold him to it considering she had forgotten all about her goal by Sunday night. But ya know, that’s just the thing about kids, you’ll go a few weeks thinking they have forgotten about something and then out of the blue they’ll recall a remark you made and hold you accountable. I’m looking forward to when Lil calls her dad out on his promise and I just hope I get to participate in the fun! In any case, we have 4 more weeks of soccer until the season ends and I hope I get to watch her score again.

Go Blue Bombers!



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