Have You Met My A.L.G.?


If you don’t know what A.L.G. stands for it’s this:


My Angry Little Girl.

My baby, who really isn’t a baby anymore, use to smile all the time like this:


She was the happiest baby ever. Her Great Grammy began saying to anyone that would listen, “If you’re going to have a baby, have a baby Ela!”

In all fairness, my youngest girl only started being my ALG around the middle of August when her molars started coming in and slowly her behavior is becoming more pleasant although not entirely, she is a toddler after all!

2013-06-16 07.25.21Honestly though, I love her dueling demeanor. At times she is the snuggliest, 2013-09-12 09.32.52laid back little girl and at other times, well, just watch out! She’ll give you the stink eye and you’ll have no question as to where you stand in her book. Typically her scowls are reserved for the dogs and her brother but I have certainly been the focal point of her angst a time or two. Luckily I have some Ela-specific behavior modification techniques to fall back on. As it turns out, she’s a sucker for a sippy of milk and don’t get me started on her love affair with shoes so whenever I want the ALG to vanish and my sweet little girl to return I just hand over some liquid happiness or strap on a pair of shoes and she’s instantly pleasant… at least for a few minutes until something or someone ticks her off again.

She’s the best!

Cheers to toddlers and the delightful challenge of raising them!


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