Baby News


No, I am not pregnant. No, I do not plan on getting pregnant again until after our vacay in February. I’ve been asked these questions a lot lately since I’m considered a pro at this whole breeding thing so I figured I’d better clear the air.

Now, on to the important news!…

I’m a proud auntie! My SIL had her sweet baby girl, Keagan Ray, yesterday evening and I was super excited to get my snuggle on with my new niece this morning. It was the best way to jumpstart a beautiful Fall day.  DSC04023

She was super alert the whole time we were there so I took advantage of my opportunity and unwrapped the little bugger and investigated her hands and feet (skis rather) , changed her diaper and was reminded of how nice it is that a baby stays where you put it unlike my ragamuffins that dart all over the place.  It made me happy for my SIL, who ended up with a C-section, that at birth humans are altricial (helpless) and not precocial mammals like hares, hippos and dolphins whose newborns are ready to rock and roll making their poor recovering mothers tend to them as they explore the world.

My kiddos were really excited this morning to see the pictures of their new cousin. My oldest girl was happy that the girl cousins now outnumber the stinky boy cousins while my son simply asked, “What is it?” and after I told him Keagan is a girl he said in typical 3 year old fashion, “I don’t really like girls.” I’m assuming this was less a knock on his new cousin and more a general girls-are-from-Jupiter reaction. Punk.

Anyways, welcome to the world Keagan Ray! We’re certainly happy to have you a part of ours and I look forward to baking you up lots of cookies to eat!

DSC03864p.s. After 2 months of a blogging hiatus I am back, Candy Crush has been deleted from my phone and our pool is closed. I feel balanced and happy with the structure in our lives provided by the start of school, soccer and a more consistent work-out routine. My mornings are filled with special time with my baby who at 1 1/2 isn’t really a baby any more and my afternoons are spent enjoying one-on-one time with my son. It’s wonderful and although we all miss the presence of my oldest gal while she’s in all day kindergarten we are happy knowing she is exactly where she wants to be. She absolutely loves school and laments the existence of school-free weekends.


Life is good here. I hope yours is too!




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