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Have You Met My A.L.G.?


If you don’t know what A.L.G. stands for it’s this:


My Angry Little Girl.

My baby, who really isn’t a baby anymore, use to smile all the time like this:


She was the happiest baby ever. Her Great Grammy began saying to anyone that would listen, “If you’re going to have a baby, have a baby Ela!”

In all fairness, my youngest girl only started being my ALG around the middle of August when her molars started coming in and slowly her behavior is becoming more pleasant although not entirely, she is a toddler after all!

2013-06-16 07.25.21Honestly though, I love her dueling demeanor. At times she is the snuggliest, 2013-09-12 09.32.52laid back little girl and at other times, well, just watch out! She’ll give you the stink eye and you’ll have no question as to where you stand in her book. Typically her scowls are reserved for the dogs and her brother but I have certainly been the focal point of her angst a time or two. Luckily I have some Ela-specific behavior modification techniques to fall back on. As it turns out, she’s a sucker for a sippy of milk and don’t get me started on her love affair with shoes so whenever I want the ALG to vanish and my sweet little girl to return I just hand over some liquid happiness or strap on a pair of shoes and she’s instantly pleasant… at least for a few minutes until something or someone ticks her off again.

She’s the best!

Cheers to toddlers and the delightful challenge of raising them!



We’re in full blown soccer mode these days. It’s Lil’s second season playing soccer with her dad as her coach and the difference in her skills and confidence from the start of the Spring season to now is striking. She’s more aggressive and although at this age the boys mostly dominate the game she is now holding her own against them. This past Saturday we had a game and she scored her first goal ever! We’ll ignore the fact that it was more along the lines of a right-place-right-time goal and less of a dribble-shoot-score goal but hey, sometimes it’s all about the assist, even when it’s the other team helping you out!

Bottom line: When you’re 5, a goal is a goal and my girl scored one!

Of course I didn’t see it because I was escorting her Great Grammy to the field but I could hear the cheers from the parking lot. She had quite the cheering squad consisting of siblings, grandparents, aunts, great aunts and cousins. We were all having a fun Fall day together in honor of my dad’s birthday and I can’t imagine a better game for Lil to have scored her first goal.

2013-09-28 11.44.07

Lil’s cheering squad minus a few


I’m curious to see if Lil remembers that her dad promised they’d do something special if she scored a goal and hold him to it considering she had forgotten all about her goal by Sunday night. But ya know, that’s just the thing about kids, you’ll go a few weeks thinking they have forgotten about something and then out of the blue they’ll recall a remark you made and hold you accountable. I’m looking forward to when Lil calls her dad out on his promise and I just hope I get to participate in the fun! In any case, we have 4 more weeks of soccer until the season ends and I hope I get to watch her score again.

Go Blue Bombers!


Yeti Swing


I was going through some photos from last month’s wedding of our good friends and came across one that I. JUST. LOVE. It’s the groom, whom we often refer to as The Yeti, and my oldest two buggers playing in the yard during the reception.

The Yeti Swing

The Yeti Swing

They love their Uncle John and enjoy badgering him until he gives in and thrashes them or plays other yeti-like games with them. Every child needs a yeti for an uncle, don’t ya think?!?

Laurie Marie of Laurie Marie Photography ( captured so many incredible moments and I know the bride and groom (and of course myself) were impressed with the results.

Here are a couple other favorites from the magical day:


Lesley and Lil sharing a pre-ceremony smooch.


My boy, post nap, is charged and ready to perform his ring bearer duties


He was worried I was going to prick him with the pin.


My 5 year old beauty. The best photos aren’t staged!


My baby and her daddy, the best man.


Nothing beats a sibling’s love.


My loves.


MOH, Bride and support staff


…? So typical!


A happy Bride and Groom


Best best man speech ever! I was so proud of him.


Me and my best man


Thrashing Grandpa Rob!


Sugar cookie favors we made.


We couldn’t have asked for a better venue and day for Lesley and John’s wedding!

Baby News


No, I am not pregnant. No, I do not plan on getting pregnant again until after our vacay in February. I’ve been asked these questions a lot lately since I’m considered a pro at this whole breeding thing so I figured I’d better clear the air.

Now, on to the important news!…

I’m a proud auntie! My SIL had her sweet baby girl, Keagan Ray, yesterday evening and I was super excited to get my snuggle on with my new niece this morning. It was the best way to jumpstart a beautiful Fall day.  DSC04023

She was super alert the whole time we were there so I took advantage of my opportunity and unwrapped the little bugger and investigated her hands and feet (skis rather) , changed her diaper and was reminded of how nice it is that a baby stays where you put it unlike my ragamuffins that dart all over the place.  It made me happy for my SIL, who ended up with a C-section, that at birth humans are altricial (helpless) and not precocial mammals like hares, hippos and dolphins whose newborns are ready to rock and roll making their poor recovering mothers tend to them as they explore the world.

My kiddos were really excited this morning to see the pictures of their new cousin. My oldest girl was happy that the girl cousins now outnumber the stinky boy cousins while my son simply asked, “What is it?” and after I told him Keagan is a girl he said in typical 3 year old fashion, “I don’t really like girls.” I’m assuming this was less a knock on his new cousin and more a general girls-are-from-Jupiter reaction. Punk.

Anyways, welcome to the world Keagan Ray! We’re certainly happy to have you a part of ours and I look forward to baking you up lots of cookies to eat!

DSC03864p.s. After 2 months of a blogging hiatus I am back, Candy Crush has been deleted from my phone and our pool is closed. I feel balanced and happy with the structure in our lives provided by the start of school, soccer and a more consistent work-out routine. My mornings are filled with special time with my baby who at 1 1/2 isn’t really a baby any more and my afternoons are spent enjoying one-on-one time with my son. It’s wonderful and although we all miss the presence of my oldest gal while she’s in all day kindergarten we are happy knowing she is exactly where she wants to be. She absolutely loves school and laments the existence of school-free weekends.


Life is good here. I hope yours is too!